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  1. If you have tried hooking up 2 monitors to you laptop, then you know it generally cannot be done. I have found a solution that may have been highlighted here in the past.


    I just received this from Amazon and was able to hook up two monitors to my laptop. So I have the laptop screen and 2 other monitors to work off of. Great device and easy to install. I just plugged it in and it installed itself in minutes.

    My laptop by the way is the HP HDX18 with 18.4 inch screen. Great computer. Now they have the new ones out with the I7 processor which is simply amazing.

    The 18.5 inch laptop is not as portable as smaller laptops, but I wanted something where I can transport it somewhere when needed. I dont take my laptop out with me much, but wanted that option to be able to work in other places if required.

    Awesome machine and highly recommend. The best feature is the fingerprint scanner where I can access the computer quickly when booted with just a finger swipe versus typing in the password which takes a little time.
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    I was actually looking for something like this today thanks! It was mentioned on previous posts but you saved me some search time. Glad to hear it's working!
  3. There is also a Matrox product that takes a hi-res 2500xsomething laptop dvi output and splits it into 2 1024x768 feeds. It's called Matrox dualhead2go. There is also a triple version of it.
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  5. I've tried both solutions and here is my experience. I had a toshiba laptop and 2 monitors. The first setup used the cheaper solution from best buy ,amazon,etc. This solution is ok if you intend to have "slow" applications in mon2 and mon 3 such as doc and spreadsheets and even a technical charting program. If you intend to have the 2nd/3rd screen show something moving (i.e. a CNBC TV feed ) then it goes black.!

    The dualhead2go by Matrox is better but not perfect in the sense that takes the 2nd feed out of your laptop and splits it into the 2nd and 3rd BUT it assumes the 2nd and 3rd as a single entity. This means if you have an Excel sheet in the 2nd screen and you maximize it, it will span across the 2nd and 3rd monitor since the matrox splitter considers the 2nd and 3rd as one. This also means that the mon 2 and 3 needs to be pretty close in size. If you have 4 apps running on mon 2 3 you have to manually size them in their specific spots keeping in mind that if u want to blow one up it will maximize onto the mon 2 3

    Good luck
  6. I sold my Matrox because of that problem. Never could get used to having stuff spread across the gap.
  7. I just bought a HP DV8T with an SSD 256GB, 18.4", i7 820QM, 500GB second drive and 8gb ram. It's a beast.