hooking multiple monitors for XP Prof--what is best solution

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by habari, Sep 4, 2002.

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    Anyone here with experience in hooking up multi-monitors for XP Prof--will be very grateful for your response on best hardware to hook up multi-monitors.

    because XP is new I am not finding much info on hooking up multiple monitors. XP has a dual Pane window that says all that is needed is an adapter.

    I do not want to change the whole video card if Icanb help it--I just need an adapter--I think
  2. I am using Matrox multi-head for this purpose, nice integration for multi-monitor setup. Many card are available, in AGP some popular models are G400, G450, G550 and in PCI slot you have G200 MMS and G450 PCI. The next week a new generation of G450 MMS will be available for Matrox users. Have many of these cards without problem. You could also use only any single head PCI video card (compatible with XP) if you have few monitors to add and the PCI slot available. The process is very straight, just only put the PCI video card and XP will detect the card at the boot. After go inside the video setup and you will see the second card that you will put active and Voilà!

    You could also check under this forum for alternative card from ATI or GForce, but not so extensive possibilities than Matrox for the moment. It depend of your need.
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    If you can post the type and brand of card you have + what you wish to set up, somebody here will have the answer. Or, you can contact the manufacturer of your card and they will be able to help you. (It's probably best to have all cards be from the same mfr... all of mine run on the same driver.)
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    hi north pesos, could you post a link to this new card please, because I can't seem to find anything about it.
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  7. Appian Rushmore.
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    matrox or appain ar both good
  10. I love my Dual Intel Xeon computer. It's pricey but considering all the fixes and problems with Pent series, I'll invest a few more bucks for it.
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