Hook up at Tampa Investors & Traders Expo Oct. 22nd

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  1. Those looking to hook up with other traders from Florida, you'll want to attend this upcoming event. We'll be finding out at this event where everyone is from and then help those from that area of the state get hooked up with others in their area, for those who want to hook with others in their community.

    The Tampa Investors & Traders Expo will be an all day FREE event held at the Manhattan Baptist Church located at 4300 S. Manhattan Ave in Tampa (see directions at end of email) on Saturday October 22nd from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. There will be 4 different speakers this day (see speaker info and their presentation bullet points below).

    The speakers will be: Burr Jennings with DATAcademy, Bill Young with TradesphereFX, George de Marcilla with Alaron Futures and Paul Lange with Pristine. See their presentation bullet points that follow:


    *** Burr Jennings says if you want to learn how to trade for a living you need to know what works! The most consistent #1 moneymakers in the trading industry are Specialists. Specialists are highly focused, disciplined professionals that consistently make money. Burr will teach you how to trade like a Specialist. Learn simple yet powerful ways to use Fibonacci and Pivot Points so that you always know whether to buy or sell. Traders have spent thousands of dollars purchasing software that calculates these powerful Fibonacci and Pivot Points. Burr will show you how you can do this for yourself each day in under 5 minutes. Then Burr will show you techniques that minimize risk and maximize gain in trades that deliver profits of over $10 for every $1 risked. Tired of trying to figure out which technical indicator to use? Then throw them all out! Burr will show you how this can be done and you will be amazed!

    *** Bill Young will be presenting A Disciplined Trading Plan for Trend Following & Trend Reversal Trades - The 5 disciplines of Trading that you must incorporate into your trading arsenal to be a profitable trader. - A way to effectively and accurately identify Trend Reversals so that you don't get faked out. - How you can jump on a fast moving market without getting burned to capture great profits. - How to design your Trading Plan to ensure longevity as a trader. - How to profit trading different markets. - Learn the safest times to enter the market and which times to avoid. - Learn why many technical analysis systems breakdown and lose money and how you can improve your odds. - Price patterns that repeatedly show up that can be easily capitalized on. - Not only is it important to know what the right things are to do in trading, it equally important to know what wrong things many traders do, that you should avoid. We'll cover these in detail. - US Dollar Index and it's importance to the Forex Trader. - Intramarket Relationships that Count. - 2 specific trading strategies you should know about that produce great results. The trading strategies that Bill Young is teaching are puely technical analysis techniques, so most of this information can be applied to trading stocks, futures, and forex, even though Bill uses his technical analysis techniques solely for trading Forex.

    *** Paul Lange says there are a variety of methods for trading stocks using micro, intraday, end of day and long term trading strategies. Paul will focus on the following 3 guerilla strategies for trading stocks: - Swing trading from the hourly chart when the market appears stuck in neutral. 80% of the time the market is more sideways than anything else, so adding some swing trading methods using hourly bars can be very good weapon to add to your arsenal. - Gap plays on individual stocks that set up 3 day moves, regardless of market direction. Knowing these gap plays can create rapid 3 day moves, and often these plays will follow through even when the market does not. - Finding true "chart changing" events on the daily chart. If you look at the major turning point in a stocks daily chart, the majority of the time the turn happened due to one of several technical events that will be covered in detail during this presentation.

    *** Gerge de Marcilla will be doing a presentation titled "30 Minutes A Day". In this presentation George will show how you can review all of the commodity markets and find some of the most dynamic trades of the year in just 30 minutes worth of research on any given day. George will teach a strategy that is very simple and very effective. Since there are things setting up in the commodity markets all the time, George will go through examples that have just taken place in the markets. George will then take the strategy and show how it can be applied to both swing trading (i.e. holding a position for a few days or a few weeks) and to day trading.

    To look at a map of exactly how to come to this meeting, click on the following:


    The meeting in Tampa will be held at Manhattan Baptist Church located at 4300 S. Manhattan Ave., Tampa, Florida, 33611.

    Directions to the meeting at Manhattan Baptist Church in Tampa.

    From I-275, go south on Dale Mabry to Euclid Ave. & turn right. Euclid Ave. is just past McDonalds restaurant & just before Britton Plaza. When you turn right on Euclid you'll be turning in-between Payless Shoes and the Hess gas station. Continue on Euclid for 4 blocks and take a left at the light onto S. Manhattan Ave. and go 3 blocks. The Manhattan Baptist Church is the 3rd church on left at 4300 S. Manhattan Avenue. There is plenty of parking and it is free. If you come from St. Pete across the Gandy Bridge on Gandy Blvd., go to the second stop light to Manhattan Ave. and turn left. Go 5 blocks north and the church is on the right. If you need any more clarification of directions you can reach the church at 813-831-1951 Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.
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    Are you serving a Gospel Brunch?
  3. The youth group at the church will be selling sandwiches and drinks during the lunch break as a fundraiser, for people who want to eat there. For those who prefer to eat something other than what they are serving, there are plenty of restaurants near the church.
  4. If anyone who is attending is interested in eating lunch there, be sure to indicate that when you register in the comment section at www.TampaExpo.com
  5. Someone had sent me a private message asking about the cost of attending the Expo. Attendance is free, there is no charge to attend, if people want to give a donation they can, but no one is at the sign up table collecting money to attend the meeting, so people can go freely into the meeting without a charge. They can pay for the lunch at the sign in table if they are eating there, if not there are nearby restaurants they can go to if they prefer something else besides sandwiches, chips and soda that the youth group is serving.
  6. Anyone planning on attending who has read this post?
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    How long is each speaker's presentation?
  8. The presentation length for each speaker is one hour & thirty minutes. There is a 15 minute break in between the 1st and 2nd speaker, then a 1 hour lunch, and then a 15 minute break in between the 3rd & 4th speaker.
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    Thanks. I notice with the other speakers it mentions what they trade, but for Burr Jennings there is no mention of what he trades or what he will doing a presentation on (i.e. stocks, futures, forex, options, etc.).
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