Hook up and meet in China

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Robert Weinstein, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. I been to most of the major cities and many not so major cities and I just love the place.

    The people are warm and friendly.

    I would like to get an interest level of traders that would like to go see the shanghai exchange and some other cool things in and around Shanghai.

    Maybe then go up and see Beijing and see the great wall, forbidden palace, Tienanmen square, summer palace, Temple of Heaven

    Then head over to the anciet capital of China called XI An. In this town you will find the terracotta Army which is thousands of clay solders.

    I have translators that used to work for me when I had my trading company and they would be so much better than a commercialized tour group.

    If anyone likes the idea of seeing china in all its glory later this summer let me know so I can start a list of interest.
  2. ATLien


    I'm in.
  3. bespoke


    if you go late summer then possibly
  4. I am thinking in late August would be a really good time weather wise.

    I thought about this some more today and I think maybe a meet in LA and then fly off the next day. I made this trip many times so its no big deal for me but I understand it may be a little bit of a leap for some.

    I was also thinking that maybe Hong Kong would be a good stop and perhaps we can get a tour of the Hong Kong exchange. Macau is only a 45 min ride from HK so gotta add that one in too....

    I think that puts us around 10-14 days. As I will want to trade even while there I am thinking maybe flying into LA (or somewhere else west coast) on Friday and flying into HK and work our way up until we fly out of Beijing or Shanghai to go home.

    Any thoughts?