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  1. I have been offered a job in Hongkong or Bangkok (I get to choose the location). I have been to Bangkok few times but have never been to Hongkong. I loved Bangkok because of all the girls (native and western tourists) and easy access to quality recreational drugs but I am not 20 anymore so I need to focus on work too. Which city would you prefer if you have a choice? I love to ride bikes so a nice bike trail is a must. Are there good bike trails in Hongkong?
  2. Anyone???? I'm going to be there in September...
  3. BKK is a lot cheaper than HK although rentals have come down a lot in HK in the last year.
    There are many trails for hiking in HK, not sure about mt. biking though, but if you just wanted to ride your bike on less challenging terrains than there are many places in new territories.

    Girls in HK are different, you wont see many Thai, but many Phillipinas who work as nannies/maids. the local Outside of that obviously the locals some ABCs BBCs and western.

    There is a lot more to do in HK, i was bored in BKK after 2 days, cant really imagine living there.

    HK is like NYC in many ways, i would take it over BKK any day, BKK is for the retired.

    what will you be doing there?
  4. Thanks....it's a private equity firm. I can work there during the day and still trade the US markets for few hours....

    HK sounds interesting from what you've said. I am going there for few days in September to see if I like the place and if it is anything like NY I'm staying there. I went to Bangkok when I was in school and the priorities were different. Now I'm almost done with school, it is time to focus on career as well.
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    I have been living in Bangkok on and off for the past 10 years but spent an aggregate of about 3 months in the Hong Kong area.

    For sure, HK crushes BKK on the biking/hiking aspect as there are a ton of trails in the outlying hills compared with BKK's mile+ loop in Lumphini Park.

    I don't hit the bars but am never bored in Bangkok. Overall, IMO, Thai is a more fun and friendly culture than the Cantonese and it is easier to find a quality breeding mate in BKK, which I attribute to the dearth of "good guys" in Thailand. Again, IMO.

    Good eats of almost all varieties in both places, Thailand just much less expensive.

    If weather is a concern, BKK is hot even in December whilst HK is sweater worthy in the winter.

    Seriously, both are great cities and the wife and I had pondered a move to HK a few years back, just never got around to it.

    If looking for a Manhattan feel, then i would say Hong Kong is more like it.

    If you want a more layed back, funky, and liberal place, then I would go with Bangkok.

    Wherever you choose, may you enjoy it:D
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    Live in HK, Bangkok is great but better suited for a vacation imo
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    Hong Kong is good!
  8. To answer your question, it really depends on what you are looking for.

    If you are thinking of a place to work in the financial/banking industry then by all means HK would be the place to go. However, HK is an expensive city to live so unless your job offer is an expat package things may not be all that easy.

    If you like some place cheap then Thailand is the place. I don't think Thailand is really the place to start a profession in banking and finance.
  9. Hi eminitrader007,

    Hong Kong. Absolutely no doubt about it. You can always visit Bangkok because it's quite nearby and the Thai folks are quite welcoming of visitors from Hong Kong, but to live in, HK simply has a lot more things you can do. It's quite difficult to get bored in HK.


    About trading the ES : it's quite doable from March to October, when Chicago has daylight savings (market opens at 09:30 p.m. HKT), but once DST's gone on Nov 1st, you might find it a bit of a late start. I guess it depends on your trading style and sleeping hours and whether you're discretionary or can automate at least part of your system.

    About the women: Assuming you're a Whitey, you'll get a warm welcome in HK. Asians in general still have a huge inferiority complex and go ga-ga about White people. It's not as ridiculous as Tokyo in that respect here, but yes, 21st century or not, White is King. :eek:
  10. Thanks everyone.....it seems that the place to work is HK and the place to vacation is BK. HK seems more expensive but since I do not have a family to support or other expensive habits, I should be okay. As long as I can ride my bike I am happy. I am going there in Sept. for few days to see what it's like and I'm sure I'll love it if it is anything close to NY.

    Thanks again.
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