Hong Kong

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  1. The article is accurate.

    "Have they done anything else such as funnel funds/taxes back to the mainland?"

    Quite the opposite. China has significantly relaxed trade, and particularly tourism, restrictions that have benefitted HK's economy. This contributed significantly to the recovery of the HK market after SARS, and to the reversal of pernicious decline in property values.

    The general thought is that China hoped to 'buy' the acquiesence of HKers in the subjugation of their political rights.
  2. Thx for the info! I find it astonishing that China acquiesced on anything! On the mainland, they can easily be oppressive. The idea that they're "relaxed" is amazing!
  3. The Chinese know a good source of income when they see one. The powerbrokers in Beijing aren't about to tip the golden cart completely over.
  4. Don't know where you based that on BlueHorseShoe.

    I found EXACTLY the opposite to be true and I lived and worked in Hong Kong for two years in a high position. I started just before the handover.

    The Chinese meddle in small ways, like restricitng Fillipino maids to act as drivers for their employers because the taxi drivers (coming from China) were out of work. Then they introduced restrictions on maids coming into HK from other countries than China. There were also some issues with business men that had mistresses just accross the border. They wanted Manderin taught as the main language and no longer English in all schools. English teaching is being restricted. (Just to mention a few items).

    HK became great because it was a place that had little government interference but I left because I found the climate slowly deteriorating after the handover and felt it became oppressive and left. In 50 years HK will be just another Chinese "special economic zone".