Hong Kong Traders

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  1. Who's living in Hong Kong? I've only visited a couple times, but am very interested in the daily life, taxes, etc there.
  2. olias


    How was the visit? I'd love to go there.
  3. It's very nice, but has been a few years since my last visit. My wife is Chinese, so I visit the mainland more often but not as much as I'd like :).

    I'm really interested in the HK tax system, but am concerned about the cost of living there.
  4. I would also be interested to hear how tough it is for an american to get on a trading desk there without knowing the local language
  5. JKG


    Most of the people (especially young people) in HK can speak some English. I do not think you will have any problem surviving there.
  6. I've been to hong kong many times and have a few friends that trade the Hang Seng during day and the US market at night. There are many HK firms that are english friendly. Programs are available both in chinese and english. You wouldn't have any problems getting by without knowing chinese.
  7. I am considering doing something similar to your friends, trading both Asian and US markets. Can you hook me up with them?