Hong Kong/ Thai/Singapore traders

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bigfatslob, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Bigfatslob is coming to a city near you. If you want to hook up, PM me.

    Tonight only I will be trading at the Hyatt in Hong Kong.

    Thence to Pattaya for a few days, thence to Bangkok and points

    Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully, not mine) opportunity
    to meet BFS in person.
    Others have paid up to $5k per hour for my advice( seriously).

    Now-if you get me loaded,you can receive the same tactics I
    used to make millions for FREE!

    No gimmicks, sales tactics, or BS. But you must PROMISE to keep me away from the free chocolates in my room (if I haven't already eaten them).
  2. Coins


    *shakes head slowly* ...

    And I thought I was the most deranged person on this forum...
  3. Damn, nobody called. I polished off the truffles and sugar-rushed to a $3200 profit on the open.