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  1. Amazing market and intraday volatility, market surpasses ES in terms of intraday R:R.
  2. 22700 around..4 hrs for europe, expect a retrace, 22800.
  3. usdjpy es holding up, favors retrace.
  4. above 2800.
  5. 22600 retest for european open negativity.
  6. 113.90 usdjpy expected.
  7. intraday R:R.????
  8. macro inflection with asian open, cap revitalization on hold for asian open.
  9. never happened, a failed expectation is just as important as a confirmation.
  10. only was able to hit high 2800's second half trading, then found bid for rest of session.

    the asian selloff didn't match in intensity as US markets, and europeans were even less.

    it seems the selling, or whoever was going to sell had sold for the short term in most markets.
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