Hong Kong indexes no longer available for trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by samovar, Mar 23, 2021.

  1. samovar


    Today I tried to trade HSI, MHI, HHI.HK and MCH.HK from IB TWS, but got this error,

    Financial Instrument is not available for trading:
    Sanctioned: No Opening Trades In USA+​


    I was able to trade these in January 2021. What happened? I saw news about some talk about sanctions, but not those sanctions being enacted? Does anyone have a link to the full story? Is the sanction indefinite? Or is only InteractiveBrokers doing this?
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    Why not ask them.
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    Yes, it's the sanctions.
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  5. samovar


    Because it takes forever to get a reply, and I wanted to check if anyone had the same experience with other brokers.

    Do you have a link to a story with good coverage of this?
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    US forbade trading on stocks of Chinese companies backed by the Chinese military by US citizens on the US exchanges and Hong Kong exchanges, just individual stocks, not the indexes and it's just SOME individual Chinese stocks.

    Why would you want to trade those companies anyway? They are owned by a country's military, with nuclear weapons!!
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  8. Well, turns out most of that is just virtue signaling. I have a Canadian and HK IB account and HK IB happily handles my HSI futures orders. Just checked premarket and it went through. Also HK - China stock connect still works with IB HK. I wonder whether someone got their news wrong, I can't find any news that US or Canadian IB accounts disallow trading in HSI futures.
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    Yawn. Contact your broker. Post their response here.
  10. maxinger


    various countries impose various restrictions.

    Non Indian nationals cannot trade India exchange products
    Non Chinese nationals cannot trade certain China exchange products
    etc etc etc

    I am sure IB has a team to make sure we comply to the long
    list of countries restrictions.
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