Hong Kong Going Vertical

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  1. fuckig sick..up 800 points

    it's like 2007 again

    As it turns out, Hong Kong and Brazil are immune to recession and crisis for some reason. But Germany, France, Japan getting creamed.

    Could retest 30000 by end of year
  2. HK still has a currency peg, so they are churning out HKD to keep up with Uncle Sam. Those dollars gotta be spent somewhwere...
  3. You do realize that to reach 30K on the H.S., it would need to rally another 75% from these lofty levels. Incredulous.

    I'm going to go with crazy.....'Yes' or 'No?'" -Macke
  4. that macke clip was hilarious

    Kneele wasn't the least bit amused
  5. Citi warns of "mini" housing bubble in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong's real estate market is gripped in the early stages of a "mini" bubble, Citigroup Global Markets said Wednesday, warning prices for properties in the city are set to rise above their highs set last year, propelled by price momentum and strong liquidiy inflows. It said prices should rise an additional 15% from current levels, adding that high quality properties in leading Chinese cities were trading at discounts to comparable Hong Kong property and offered better value
  6. S2007S


    The trillions being printed has to go somewhere, the world economy now has trillions of free cash to do what ever they want with it, however the fun doesn't last forever, remember that.
  7. I thought you were leaving stock? I guess you are a loser, you can't stop telling lies can you?
  8. Your magic still holds...SPX now down for the year.
  9. When I called him the ultimate fade, you don't think I was exaggerating, do you?

    He is all of that and more.

    He manages to be the ultimate troll and ultimate fade at the same time.

    He's a riddle wrapped in a paradox, with a bow on top in the shape of a question mark.

    What to do with a troll that gives people an absolute indicator.