HONG KONG dollar

Discussion in 'Economics' started by arbprofit2, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Any thoughts on buying HK dollars? Apart from the speculation of a de-peg that comes and goes, how much more likely would a de-peg or adjustment be if the US dollar moves dramatically lower?
  2. Nobody?
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    there is talk of it, but it gets immediately shot down. there is some talk about it on cnbc asia with HK based analysts who say that the powers that be are entrenched in this peg policy.

    personally, i'd like to see it, and it certainly makes sense. it's not really a playable forex play- certainly not for a trader, anyway. if Jim Rogers starts buying HK $ to go with his RMB, i'm in...
  4. I'd like to buy some RMB, but have easy access to HK$. I would think that HK would make a move if the motherland made a large adjustment or ended the RMB peg.

    I think the further the US dollar falls the more likely that scenario becomes.