Hong Kong Dollar About To Pop ?

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  1. Currently at 7.847, been at the upper bound for months but recently it's stitched to the top bound, HK central bank has been defending it daily if it's that close to upper bound, it seems they are running out of steam... Matter of weeks before it breaks peg

    A bear raid is happening on the CNH, PBOC is also broke and losing steam, Offshore yuan collapse matter of weeks as well

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  3. It is all the government fault. The government, especially the Beijing men, made an otherwise democratic protest violent and radical.
  4. Disagree. I am supporting the right for the expression of civil disobedience and peaceful protests. But there are limits. Airports, hospitals are strictly off limits. Here is why: the general population can bear a few inconveniences when protesters block streets or parks or such. When it comes to important infrastructure connecting points or hospitals there are no valid reasons why they need to be targeted other than causing maximum harm to the people in the city and people visiting.

    Protesting elsewhere = expression of civil disobedience. Occupying airports and hospitals (Chai Wan Eastern Hospital was over 1 hour inaccessible to emergency vehicles and almost all doctors and nurses stopped working and were striking on the ground floor yesterday) amounts to domestic terrorism.

    I am in full support of the PLA to ensure that airports and hospitals remain open if the local govt is too weak to get the job done.

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  5. it is not they went to the airport from day1. government went off-limit, then they go off-limits. eyes for eyes, teeth for teeth
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  6. It's bigger then that tho... At this point it's clearly about being able to vote for your president, Lam the puppet isn't elected, she got chosen by china and that's that, since 2014 when china reneged on 2017 election promise... People can only tolerate certain things, either Hong Kong gets to elect their leader, or china will have to put martial law and curfews along with mass arrests cause it ain't stopping until the people get what they want it seems. Civil servants protested by the thousands, that's unheard of...

    Only clowns are pro china in this debate, who would pick a communist lifestyle over a democratic lifestyle ?

  7. Typical attitude of a HK local too invested in this movement. My point is, the reasons given by peoters why they descended on airports and hospitals is untruthful. They tried to sell it to the public as "welcoming tourists". Great welcome when flights are cancelled, everything else slows down, transportation is not available to arriving travelers. The airport and hospital protests are in fact domestic terrorism and that is why the public (people like me) who were initially sympathetic to the movement, because it was measured and peaceful, now do not support this movement anymore and instead oppose it. Same reason why the umbrella movement faded into irrelevance.

  8. HK is China and China has the sovereign right to determine how leaders are elected. Citizens can express their civil disobedience and protest but when they start harming the majority of ordinary HK residents then they lose support, simple as that. Many HK people depend on the airport for business and leasure travel. Occupying an airport and forcing the cancelation of flights is crossing a line that I as resident do not accept and nor do millions of other residents. Peaceful protests have turned into harming other fellow HK residents. Stupid move.

    But i get it that you as uninvested bystander want chaos and calamity, you made that perfectly clear. Let me say that I don't care about your opinion because you are not invested and have zero business in HK affairs.

  9. then if you were in their shoes, what would you do? sit back and relax? when a CEO refuses to change her wording slightly from dead to withdrawn, despite such a mass chaos. She probably doesn't have any authority to change anything and Beijing will later force the bill through. Beijing just can't resist to integrate HK sooner. I don't live in HK anymore but wouldn't like to see it become just-another Chinese city. If you don't have any overseas residency, coming strictly under China laws (more correctly lack of it) is a real shit-in-the-pant.
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  10. As said, I am sympathetic of voicing opinions and speaking up against injustice. But do not terrorize ordinary people in the process. Occupying major roads that millions daily use to commute to and back from work is domestic terrorism. So is leaving one's nurse and doctors' station at assigned wards to demonstrate for an hour during work hours. So is occupying and bringing an entire airport to a standstill. Even in Western developed democracies such acts would have been countered with the national guards or even military clearing such locations, if need be, even with real bullets.

    Problem is that most HK cry babies never had to suffer a thing in their lives. Most 30 year olds still live with mommy and daddy. They never dared take a risk in their lives ever. And now they collectively cry out that the police use tear gas and rubber bullets. They should be absolutely thankful that they were not greeted with real bullets, severe beatings and mass incarceration when they raided the local government assembly hall and airport and vandalized dozens of other locations that local ordinary citizens depend on each and every single day. The police behaved on average very respectful and civil. There is an outcry about the few injuries that protesters suffered by accident, yet nobody apologizes and equally points out the dozens of police men that got severely injured. I participate every year in the candlelight vigil in remembrance of the Tiananmen square massacres, but I do so peacefully and it inconveniences others for a few hours and everyone can plan alternative commuting routes well in advance. I don't descend on major infrastructure hubs and destroy property and terrorize people who have no other choice but to transit through such location. Clearly the intend here was to cause mass impact on local residents and innocent foreign visitors. I can't voice my opposition to such bullshit strongly enough.

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