Hong Kong - anyone currently in HK?

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  1. anyone trading out of HK?
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    I was in HK last month. Really perfect situation for trading. US trading day starts at 10pm or so. If I could find a employment opportunity that didn't prohibt trading I wouldn't mind moving out there for a year or two.
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    I am trading in HK. PM me if you want to hook up.
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  6. I've often wondered if it would make sense to try and start an options fund in Asia with Hong Kong or Singapore being obvious locations (lots of English speakers, strong legal system and good technology infrastructure etc.)

    The idea of Asia is that there are so many new fortunes being created every day and the future looks like it belongs to them.

    Brainstorming idea: hire a HK resident to trade a mechanical system with a US broker using my capital while being audited by a HK accountant and a US accountant for the purpose of demonstrating a record.

    Stage 2 would be to market that record. I have tons to figure out on the legal and tax front however. (sorry if this is off-topic)

  7. Great idea. I started one last year. Instead of using my capital, I use friend and family fund to start one. That clears all the legal issue.

    The problem with the arrangement is that we can't take any fund from US residents.