Honestly, where/how you see good opportunities to make money now?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by crgarcia, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. In what markets?

    Now the S&P broke the uptrend channel.
    So who knows both where stocks will go and how the dollar will behave.

    Perhaps commodities will continue to plunge (from perceived low demand), specially if economic recovery gets hindered?

    Maybe bond prices will go up?

    (Please don't state ANY "opportunities" that involve daytrading, I just don't believe in it).

  2. Based on those two statements, what would you do? :cool:

    Easy answer IMO
  3. Wait.

    I may take some very short term short after the next rally.
  4. Take an hour out of your time, learn some basic technical analysis like uptrends and swing trends and quit trying to be a fundamental guru. For example i would buy the dow if i was you tommorow because it has established somewhat of an uptrend. Also, i would buy the dow tommorrow because it is about to hit an upward swing for a couple days. You might have to look at your stocks a couple more times a week which i know is difficult for some people.

    How about this. If i am wrong you can regard me as an idiot but if i am right then you have to learn some simple technical analysis so i can stop looking at these hopeless forums.
  5. You need to stop and take a second to read what he wrote.....

    He understands technicals
  6. Correct either short a rally or short a partial now...wait and add below 123 (SPY).
    Either way, no full position yet is how II'm playing it.

    Target new support (or trailing stop). Personally going to add @ new low IF it gets down there.

    Expect flat to slight loss on this trade as usual.