Honestly... Honesty...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by WDGann, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. I'm wondering what people think...

    Would you bend your trading philosophy when you talk to another established trader?


    Would you compromise your philosophy for a peaceful conversation?


    Reason is I'm pretty straight out when it comes to trading in itself. (Yes, 95% of my threads are not serious in ET... though...) If I feel something is completely against my experience of trading generality, I would post it.

    So here's another question...

    How honest are you with your thoughts, opinion, or philosophy when you write about trading, in general?

    I'm not talking about market calls because I think it's BS... unless you're doing it for your own good for example, a way to keep your discipline and focus. Anyways, just trying to get some feedback from other relatively successful traders.
  2. DannoXYZ


    Neither to the first two questions and very honest on the final one. That's because I remove all interpretation and subjective judgement from my discussions. It typically goes like this:

    1. I do this "XYZ" thing when the market does this "ABC" action.

    2. These actions gives me results "123" that I have gotten.

    There's really no "right" or "wrong" when it comes to philosophies and I don't get tangled up in "discussions" with other traders. There's just a wide variation in shades-of-grey results. It's like preferring chocolate vs. vanila ice-cream. One is not more "right" or "wrong" or "better" than the other, just different personal preferences.