Honestly, Can You Be Successful Without a HUGE Account?

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  1. Evening,

    At PureTick we receive a plethora of e-mails everyday from newer traders
    struggling to make it in this profession. A common question I get
    a lot is "Can I make money trading with just one or two contracts?" One of
    our recent live roomr attendees is doing quiet well and starting to
    take trades on her own. Shes currently only trading with one or two
    contracts each setup. This person has agreed to let us send out a
    capture of her statement from Fridays trading action. Below is a
    link to her statement from Infinity Brokerage aka TransAct Futures.
    Of course, her sensitive information has been blurred out. Keep a
    level head and don't let frustration get the best of you.

    IMAGE LINK: http://puretick.com/images/03092007inf.gif

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  2. Well, maybe. Depends how one defines "huge account". I think that when people refer to small accounts they're talking about less than 5K. Is that what you call a small account?
    Beyond that, I think the bigger issue is availability of time to trade the ENTIRE trading day, EVERY trading day. It's the "part time" trader that never really knows whether or not they have a winning system, simply because they can't take every trade the system will show over the course of a week/month.
  3. lol. Netting $7 plus change per trade on one day is not exactly the best reference Cajun. Show her results for the week if youre going to do this sort of thing.
  4. jtnet


    i call fake, photoshopped
  5. You NEED big money to make BIGGER money with stocks (not options I mean stocks)

    Dont let some clown dupe you into thinking that tou can pull $2000 form your savings account and retire a millionaire 10 years later. This may have worked in the 70-80's buy the US economy won;t go up 10x in a decade again. Buffet made his money that way by buying coke cola and wallmart in the early 80's b4 those stocks went up 20x in value.

    Notice how buffets picks now suck? Cause he is overrated and dont know shit more about stocks that my hamster does. not kidding. he sucks at picking stocks. I'm better at it.

    Those days are behind us.
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by $7. The gross P&L is $155.00 and then you take $30.82 away for commissions for a result of $124.18 I also notice that none of these trades appear to be losers (while not huge winners). Im still proud of her regardless of if she made $124 or $12400

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  7. Neet


    Give the girl some credit you jealous frustrated bastards !
  8. jtnet,

    Maybe you should switch handles with captain obvious. Of course this was photoshopped to remove the account numbers and personal information.

    As far as the actual fills they are intact (you can tell because there is no stamping artifacts). Ha - dont start an debate with a professional digital photographer :) Also, I invite anyone to call the broker to confirm. Soo many skeptics here on ET. Let me ask you this. If you dont think making money with trading is possible. WHY ARE YOU HERE?? :) grin. Personally if I was going to photoshop p&l for something. I'd make it a lot better then a measly $155 gross total.

    But ok. Give me a fax number and I will fax over the actual hard copy but the account numbers will still be marked thru with a sharpie.


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  9. You cannot seriously expect anyone to take one days results seriously, seriously. I think Alex is a good trader but I think he needs another manager.
  10. Bearbelly,

    Sorry to burst your bubble but it was his idea to post this :)

    FACT: Alex is an excellent trader

    FACT: I am a 'decent' trader but I'm not a manger, marketing expert or publicist.

    So maybe I'll take your insult as a compliment. Thank you.

    But I will ask this person if we can post followups on the month or maybe a whole week at a time. This idea was to give hope.. instill a bit of confidence. Not start a negative thread.

    CajunSniper / Puretick.com Administrator-Trader
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