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  1. I understand that Satan used to be called Lucifer and he was banned from heaven and controls the underworld or something like that...

    Why is it that God = Good and Satan = Bad...

    Ethics wise, there is no good or bad, just moral biases which is just a mere reflection of yourself rather than reality...

    Can anyone give me some insights of why Satan is bad...
  2. there is no Satan, its just a name or 'thing' that was invented by religous leaders to frighten the masses. Further, there is no such thing as 'bad' or 'evil'. Life (and existence) is a learning process and a training ground for spiritual evolvement. Examples: say you kill some1 or rape some1. That is not considered 'bad' or 'evil' by God or any1 anywhere. You will not be punished 4 those misdeeds after you die, even if you do suffer consequesnces on Earth. As weird as it sounds, misdeeds here may become positives in the long run.

    What I just wrote will probably go over the heads of most of you, and I do know the reason why.

    Just a thought
  3. That is not an Axiom, but rather just the opinion of one philosophical school of thought. Other philosophical schools of thought hold that objective evil and objective good DO exist.
    Ayn Rand held this opinion. She also rejected all forms of mysticism...but you get the point.
  4. I am not into religious dogma but I believe that there is a right and wrong and the golden rule says it all. I would also like to believe in karma and the idea that what goes around may come around.

    Here are a few examples of that idea in my own life.

    A bully that I knew in high school: Shot in the head at twenty five.

    A fellow engineer who confronted me publicly and called me a charlatan because of a discovery that I made in rigid body dynamics: His eye was knocked out in a bar fight.

    A surveyor who tried to steal land from me: Killed when he flew his aircraft into a cable.

    A corps of Engineers inspector working in collusion to violate the Clean Water Act and who I was trying to get thrown in jail at the time: Killed when he was run over by a car in someone's driveway!

    A neighbor who got a big kick out of telling the story that I had to have a mammogram: Shortly after he died of lung and brain cancer.

    A man who cheated me in a business deal and has lied about it ever since: His wife and step son were murdered and then he came down with cancer.

    There are many more examples of this "Just World Theory" in my life that are too numerous to mention. It could be karma. Most likely it is coincidence or it may even be a fact that, "nobody can hoodoo a real hoodooman".

    Regards and Happy New Year.:D
  5. WDGann wrote:
    Paul Erdös's name for God was SF: the Supreme Fascist.
  6. That's great stuff, P.D.
    Luckily I have fewer real enemies than the number you listed above, but when I think about it, I JUST KNOW that their dishonesty is bound to catch up with them and pay them back for all the suffering they caused me...with interest.
  7. ok, I think I need to elaborate further......

    there is such a thing as 'comeuppance' and 'karma', however in the long run what any1 does on this plane of existence does not hold any 'real' significance in the long run.

    Just a thought
  8. Cutten


    "Bad" is street slang for "good". Since the Devil has the best tunes, he is widely considered to the "baddest" of all.
  9. Is there good and bad? Of course.

    Does a thief like it when he is robbed?

    Does a man who cheats on his wife like it if he finds out his wife is cheating on him?

    Does a bully like it when he is bullied?

    Do murderers like to be put to death?

    Does a liar like being lied to?
  10. ***There is such a thing as 'comeuppance' and 'karma', however in the long run what any1 does on this plane of existence does not hold any 'real' significance in the long run.

    Just a thought***

    There is no other plane of existence for us besides this one.
    Once you die, there is nothing else. Nothing.

    Just a thought.
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