Honest Question: Will the Military ever Execute a soldier for war crimes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jul 7, 2006.

Will a Jury of Military Personel, ever sentence one of their own, for killing civis

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  1. The diffrence is when you have a group of men who dont represent a government. Al qaeda is not a government. It would be like saying the crips represents a country or africans. Or neo nazis represents caucasians.

    The problem is that american soldiers are representing the united states of america. They represent a country. They are suppose to uphold the laws of the country. there actions reflect on you.

    My question is everyday crimes are committed in a us city by criminals. But people freak out when cops commit crimes b/c they represent the country, the law. They have higher standards. As they should. Just like soldiers. They are federal employees. Who swore to uphold the constitution and laws of the country. So tell me, who should be more punished. A man who represents a country and swore to uphold the law. Or a common thug?

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  2. Well ZZzzz its worth bitching b/c soldiers represent the united states of america. They swore to uphold the law. Well alqaeda is just like any criminal gang. It would be like him saying, the crips commit murder and crimes everyday. Why should we fuss over cops doing the same deeds as the crips. The reason is that they are suppose to uphold the law. They are held in higher standards b/c of that. It wont be frontpage news if a crips member did a drive by. But if you have a cop doing a drive by, youi better bet it would be front page.

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