Honest Question: Will the Military ever Execute a soldier for war crimes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jul 7, 2006.

Will a Jury of Military Personel, ever sentence one of their own, for killing civis

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  1. Now that the military has admitted to war crimes. I just want an honest answer. Will a court martial, under these people's own peers, ever vote to execute one of their own? Its an honest and truthful question, probably not. Maybe if it was treason. But when it comes to breaking down in the field, and killing civilians, not in a million year. There is already bias in the jury to aquit, or not execute. Look at my lai. Hundreads killed. And only one man in the entire company was sentenced. he served only months in house arrest, and thats it for the killing of babies, woman, old and young. So will there be justice, I dont think so.
  2. Maybe if the soldiers killed civilians working for Halliburton or Fox News...

  3. Start with the Canadians that raped the mentally retarded women in Yugoslavia. Actually start with Bill Clinton and NATO with their little illegal war.

    You can also check France with their war crimes across africa and all the other UN forces who raped and sold women into prostitution..

    Oh yes, let's not forget the peaceful muslim populations across the world who commits war crimes or crimes against humanity on a daily basis.

    Not that it's right but if you compare the US and nations like France there is no comparison. France armed the Rwandans and they used those arms for genocide. Does that count as a crime or just being an accessory to genocide?
  4. Are you done with your straw man yet?

    Care to answer the question posed, or is your non responsive comment the answer you want to stick with...

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  6. Oh my, an "America love it the way it is, don't complain about it, and if you do, leave it" moronic argument.

    How original...

  7. mexico real close to you big guy, tell us how you're new life goes!
  8. no one should be executed
  9. Was maharam screaming for blood when the previously mentioned war crimes took place?

    Muslim groups are guilty of atrocities far worse than what the US is accused of on a DAILY basis.

    My point is that if he isnt' concered about anybody other than the US his bitching isn't valid, he hates the US and ha an axe to grind, thus invalidating his whining.

  10. Ad hominem.

    His bitching is valid if the issue is worth bitching about, which I think it is.

    The question itself is fair, even if it comes from an unfair person.

    Stop shooting the messenger....

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