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    Wondering if anybody else has had any dealings with this signal service, Honest Forex Signals. They sure do a hard pitch and have a hyped filled sales page more so for a group that claims they don't believe in hype. But more than that as I have discovered the last couple of days they seem to be very very shady.

    I have a couple of friends that subscribe to their service and seemed to feel it was ok, had some good months had some bad months but over all they seemed to be transparent and were easy to reach for customer service. Plus they claim to post ALL trades win or lose. I have not checked into that so I can't comment on that.

    What I can comment on is an exchange I had with one of their support guys "Tony" I am on one of their mailing lists and I received a blast from them a couple of days ago about how their head trader earned 320 pips in the previous week, I thought that was very good. I contacted one of my buddies that is a member and said awesome dude 320 pips, good for you.

    He said ummm yeah, did they mention the 640 pips they LOST the week before that good week?

    No actually they didn't. So out of curiosity I emailed Tony and mentioned I thought his email was very misleading talking about the big gain one week but no mention of the overall month be down and by a wide margin.

    He shot back with the usual we are transparent and all traders have losses etc..etc.. which of course they do. BUT not all traders have a single winning week in the month and claim to everyone that is an accurate representation of their overall performance.

    I then pointed out to him that at best his ads were misleading and at worst possibly illegal given the new FTC rules for advertising. He basically called me a troll and told me to get a life and then of course pulled out the old stand by for ALL scammers "we have your number and we will see you in court" really? They will see ME in court??? For what exposing their misleading advertising?

    That is usually a tact reserved for top flight con men to try and go on the offensive to quiet their critics.. I am very surprised this company which goes on and on at length about how honest and transparent they are would attempt such a thing.

    So far btw they have had another few losers the account my buddy has is now down over 600 pips this month.... yet that email touting that PLUS 320 pip week is still flying around trying to get 177 buck a month subscriptions... very ethically challenged in my books.

    Would love to hear thoughts on this and any personal experience other members may have had with this group.
  2. All these losers on E T need need a signal service promoter scam!