Honest broker for trading from SE Asia

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  1. I've decided to live in SE Asia and would like to find a decent broker based in SE Asia who would have decent platform and not run off with my funds.

    I will most likely live in Philippines or in Cambodia because of the easy visa situation .
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    Interactive Brokers, Hong Kong. Phillipines is expensive (but still a decent choice if you know your way around and local customs), Cambodia too easy to get into trouble with extortion by government officials. What about Bali?
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    How do you pay taxes trading from another country.I would probably too go to another country for some time,but don`t know how the trading structure would look like in this case.Will they ever open a bank account to you in Combodia?
  4. Cebu is quite affordable. Never heard any extortion cases in Cambodia but i was there just one month.

    What is the visa situation in Bali ?Muslims or Christians ?
  5. Hindus
  6. I need a city with decent internet service so remote islands will have to wait for my vacation from not so remote island.
    Any other suitable broker besides IB ?
  7. I'm told latency out of major Thai cities is 150 - 200ms to the CME by a guy who lives there. If your style allows for that lag (and many styles do) Thailand is an attractive alternative

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    Indonesia = Muslims (= government)
    Bali = Hindus

    Bali has a number of "cheap labourers" coming from other parts of Indonesia.

    No problems in areas frequented by tourists eg Kuta. Good internet connections. You can get a visa three months at a time, good for shopping in Singapore. Very cheap if you get to know where to get local food (very safe) and strike a deal with one of the hotels. ( I lived there for three months on about 15 US / day )

    Cebu is boring, did you try Balibago (Clark's airbase perimeter fence) or even Clarks airbase itself (tax free zone)? Clarks has direct flights to Hong Kong. Visa normally for three weeks but when obtained outside the country for 59 days. I suspect it al depends what your interests are.
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    When I was in Thailand I found internet prohibitively expensive and below par with a place like Indonesia and the Phillipines. Just make sure to always trade with a stop - had on occasion that the internet disappeared for hours at a time in the more remote areas.
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