Honest and low-spread FOREX brokers?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by mjl, Mar 16, 2009.

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    Honest and low-spread FOREX brokers?

  2. Interactivebrokers
  3. Oanda
  4. Reealjrd


    I guess everyone has suggested you the name of the platform they are using. May be they are correct or may be they are not. But it is always recommendable to search before getting registered I am with avafx and they have started some promotional activities like offering some bonus to the clients of $100 by using AVAQZ12 for depositing $200. FXCM also has the same feature of offering $50 as welcome money to the clients. I guess its a wonderful strategy to increase the number of clients.
  5. 3edc


    ONLY CONSIDER REAL brokers like ACM http://www.ac-markets.com/

    or IB

    never listen to losers who recommend to you bucket shops like FXCM DBFX, FX360, Oanda etc

    these people on ET who recommend bucketshops are sad little creeps who want you to fail like they did.
  6. Rimping


    Oanda is not a broker but a marketmaker that's true. Nevertheless for the way I trade it doesn't matter. Probably don't try to scalp there (maybe nowhere).

    Trading at Oanda allready made me hundreds of thousands in a couple of years.

    Most customers at real brokers fail also.
  7. mounafia


    why so many people critisize Oanda?

    Can people elaborate on this?

    Serious question because I trade with them (some days I make money and some others I don't) and would like to know if it is a mistake to continue with them.

    Personnaly I like their plateform and the fact that there is a 30 sec chart and also the fact that you can trade directky from the charts....but I would like to know If I am losing my time with them (for other reasons)

    Thanks (and sorry for my english)
  8. Oanda is a broker that takes the other side of your trade, they make money when you lose money

    that is why Oanda widens spread 30 pips or more and creates interface and data problems, but if you are losing trader anyway. Oanda loves you.
  9. Rimping


    Maybe that's true when you trade very short term. Logically they will hedge their positions on Forex.

    The money I made over the years will certainly not be lost by Oanda.
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