Honda CEO: “Technology can develop as we get nearer the big mistake”

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    Honda CEO: “Technology can develop as we get nearer the big mistake”

    By Robert Farago
    May 23, 2009


    God I love Google Translate. Where else can you generate Zen koans like the one above, allegedly attributable to Honda CEO Takeo Fukui? OK, it’s not actually a koan. But I sure would like to know what this “big mistake” is gonna be. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports Fukui’s interview with Japan’s Yomiuri. Apparently, the Japanese carmaker’s going to hybridize everything they build, including our ’bro Asimo. I made that bit up, obviously. In truth, Honda’s “considering” introducing gas-electric minivans, sports cars and luxury sedans. If they’re as good as the new Insight, we have two words of advice: don’t bother. Oh, and I think Bloomberg translated the aforementioned techno-statement a little more accurately: “Fukui said it’s a ‘huge mistake’ for merging carmakers to expect cost savings on research and development.” Or anything else for that matter. Not that Fiatsler or their patrons (that’s you!) are listening. Hang on . . . now that I think about it, Google’s translation is actually pretty accurate. Huh.