HON calls... someone likes em

Discussion in 'Options' started by jim c, May 6, 2005.

  1. jim c

    jim c

    Honeywell options trading today. Specifically the May 37.5 calls. These have traded over 12k today at prices/skews that imply a possible stock jump. Maybe a 5-12% takeover premium..(just as an example). Maybe an aerospace merger? Our equity desk has some smart f*ckers on it. Just something to watch. Jim
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    possibly utx?
  3. Does seem weird..

    I looked at the vertical 35/37.5 for $1.15 but couldn't get there mentally as the only thing to recommend it is the action in the 37's...
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    Honeywell Looks Too Good to Check Out

    By James Cramer

    About this article:
    James J. Cramer can't ignore the huge buying in the May $37.50 calls that is boosting Honeywell. He imagines that if United Technologies bids for Honeywell, the buyer's actions will look suspect, but the buys are too big to ignore and make buying common stock on the action look like a good idea, especially because Honeywell's fundamentals are good, too.
  5. jim c

    jim c

    WOW! Well so much for smart f*ckers! I didnt see this. Jim
  6. GE couldn't get antitrust clearance from the EU on HON 5 years ago, why would anyone else try?
  7. Well that vertical is now going for $1.50 (bid). Sometimes a spade is a spade I guess.
  8. why now?

    this speculation will end badly for most...imo
    HON needs to trim fat before any takeover is taken seriously...
    i can picture a certain hedge fund taking "liberties" right about now...
    money needs a place to go after such turmoil in the market this week...GM


    edit: we will see a top here HON
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    jim c, huh?

    You woudn't be the Jim C. that's always screaming on TV...would you? :D
  10. jim c

    jim c

    Nice. i didnt even think about that!.But the next time Im long a sh*tbox stock and I need to dump it Ill get on here and scream. Hows that sound. LOL Jim :)
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