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  1. Check out this funny ass traders humor page in live journal


    market Delta

    Dad, did you buy ES on wednesday? Yes! and?? Check out the charts!

    investor USA, Investor from Middle east, Investor from Europe, Investor from Russia
    All UNvestors are so different, but May 6th 2010 made the look alike!

    Did you hear what happened on NYSE? Bill - Dont tell me its VISTA again!?

    You bought using margin? Come here BEEOOTCH (niKOLLaj MARGINov)

    Bought stocks - buy this, you will need it (writing on the can - anal lube, glamour pink color, 2 gallons)

    What do you mean my stop order did not work??

    Dont worry - I'm already here (MARGINov niKOLLaj)

    95% of beginner traders saying final good bye to their DEPOsit

    Insider - one shot - one kill


    Technical analysis: look for repeating patterns
  2. Elliott waves, Ichimoku - you simply believe in in!

    We show you analytics
    We create support and resistance and all tech analysis "patterns"
    We create and edit the "news"
    We kill your stops..

    YOU believe in your success on the market

    Trading ES?
    Seeing big lots?
    Feeling invisible hand?
    market turns on your stop orders?
    Suspect everyone! Illuminati already got you!
  3. spd


    I dont speak Russian but this reeks of typical *chan cancer spreading throughout the internets.
  4. Missed you short today?
    Sell with 2x leverage tomorrow!!

  5. Where is ES going??


  6. bat1


    I like the Dog one the best


    Thanks for showing
  7. Ne polnimayu, tovarish.
  8. Using fibonacci for trading?
  9. can't understand Russian but i love these pics
  10. Me too!! Funny stuff, Thanks!! :D
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