Homosexuals make billboards of conservative politicians in same sex weddings.

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    They just cant stop themselves, can they?

    The idea makes the head spin: Mitt Romney marrying Donald Trump. Michele Bachmann marrying Sarah Palin. And President Obama officiating at both weddings.

    Dating website BeautifulPeople.com has launched a campaign featuring the “weddings,” with actors portraying the famous politicos, to publicize its new gay and lesbian versions, BeautifulPeopleGay.com and BeautifulPeopleWomenOnly.com. After a billboard company rejected the images, BeautifulPeople.com put up “censored” versions, with outlines only, this week in cities including Clearwater, Fla., and West Hollywood, with the full versions on mobile billboards in New York City and on the company’s website.
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  3. Seems to me this is a violation of trademark law. You can't make use of another person's image for commercial purposes without a license from them. There was a famous case involving Joe Namath that established the principle.

    They are trying to skirt it by using lookalikes, but I doubt that will insulate them. No doubt that is why the billboard company rejected the ads. That and good taste.
  4. I hope it really offends the people that would get offended by it.
  5. jimmy carter marries obama : now there's a winner
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    As in two negatives make a positive? :D
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    yet you whine like bitch when you get offended
  8. He doesn't whine he "mewls"
  9. lol maybe this will make all the chik-fil-a eaters get so mad that they'll have heart attacks
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    I thought the same thing with Bachman and Palin.
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