homosexual voted prom queen

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090528/ap_on_re_us/us_male_prom_queen

    This guy got voted prom queen the same way Obama got voted president. Listen to these comments by the students....

    "It just goes to show how open-minded our class is," Lo said

    So does that mean that if you didnt vote for him, you are not open minded?

    Seventeen-year-old Unique Payne called the speech "great" and said she voted for Garcia "because I support the gay community."

    So this means that if you didnt vote for him you dont support the gay community? What about supporting the straight community then? I mean if you didnt vote for the straight guy, arent you against the straight community?

    No...these kids are brainwashed into believing they HAVE to vote for the homosexual, or they will be seen as bigots. There is no stigma for them if they vote for the homosexual...but if they vote for the straight guy they will be called bigots, or closed minded.

    Same way with Obamas election. If you didnt vote Obama, you are a bigot, or a racist, or you werent open minded enough. Doesnt matter if its right, or if either of them deserved it. People voted that way for themselves so other would look at them like they were special, openminded or whatever, not because they cared about the person they voted for or even knew what he stood for.

    Its sickening what this country has come to.
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    Yes it is, and the downward spiral is accelerating.
  3. i agree. Its sickening what this country has come to. we cant allow a gay to serve in a position even though he was voted in by his peers. its unamerican. only white christians should be allowed to win elections.
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    The student body voted for him for a joke, problem is he doesn't understand that everyone was mocking him.

    Liberals run the story as something wonderful, fact was, it's a sick joke.

    The yahoo blurp only tells part of the LA times story


    taken from the LATimes story:

    "Although many students were supportive of Garcia's run, others were upset and didn't understand why Garcia chose to run for prom queen.

    "I'm not really happy about that. He should've run for prom king," said 17-year-old senior Juan Espinoza.

    Espinoza said he has nothing against Garcia but believes many students voted for him as a joke so they could see the prom king dance with another guy on prom night."
  5. whatelse do you expect from liberals in CA
  6. I blame the school administrators. Queen is by definition female. No doubt they were terrified of another outburst from the homo activists, so they allowed the prom to be ruined, just as the Miss USA contest was ruined by another pervert.

    An appropriate response would be for students to boycott the Prom, but we all know they have been too indoctrinated or intimidated to think rationally.
  7. Now you know why they fight us in the middle east...shoving our way of life down their throats.
  8. Good post. Regarding "indoctrinated or intimidated to think rationally" this is happening to me too as I get older and wiser.

    I just figure "fuck it" why bother. I had my fun and if this is the next generation's idea of fun, to trash the previous lifestyle, well, I'll pass the baton.
  9. I just feel sorry for the prom KING (considering he was straight) now that would blow! :D
  10. The funny thing is that "he" is the son of an ET member. Yep, he's killthesunshine's boy!

    A chip off the ol' block, eh Longshot? :D
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