Homosexual muslims raped the ambassador before they killed him.

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  1. A similar situation happened in an ancient city called Sodom, although with a different outcome. Visitors arrived, men of the city showed up to gang rape them, they were all struck with blindness, the righteous were commanded to evacuate and poof - the entire population was obliterated off the face of the earth.

    That would never happen in 2012. It almost appears as if God's protection of the United States has been withdrawn. For generations we were the shining light on the hill, the refuge from violence and land of opportunity thanks to our peaceful values of justice, forgiveness, and private property - which came straight out of the bible.

    Remember the 10 commandments? Thou shalt not commit adultery? Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife? Offensive. Remove all references from every court house for fear of "violating" someone's right to a life of depravity.

    Look at us now. We don't exactly control the gates of our enemies now. Our hands are no longer at their necks.

    All predicted........ thousands of years ago.

  2. lol. Justice? Fogiveness? Private Property ( this one is especially hilarious)? Okay.

    Next time, read a history book before you post.
  3. An eye for an eye Peil. Go over there and get some justice for Stevens.
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    If these guys move to Chicago or Boston they can put that on their resume and be on the fast track to getting a business license.
  7. that is a mythical story you silly man.
  8. you sure are fixated on homosexuality. i am guessing you struggle with this.
  9. Does this even have to be said? Are you telling me these guys actually think this is some sort of historical tale? Nobody can be that ill-informed.
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