Homosexual agenda: Brainwash them while they are young.

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    So every kid dreams of being a superhero. Every person knows this...so what do the homosexuals do? They put their agenda into a comic book so now kids will be like "hey, I want to be the gay superhero because he is cool & popular!" Before you know it, more and more kids want to be the gay superhero, get confused, and when they turn to teenagers they want to experiment bisexually.

    Its a sick world out there, I swear when they push sex onto children like this.
  2. Well maybe you could turn gay by reading comic books but most gays are simply born that way. Are you angry that you never experimented like you wanted to and your faith kept you in the closet? You're saying if you read about the gay superhero you would be gay now instead of just dreaming about it?
  3. Selective abortion on the basis of sexual preference will be a Godsend!

    Thank you liberals for being so tolerant.
  4. Pardon me:
    But If gays are just born that way(predestined) then why all the need for proselytism aimed expressly at children?

    Can't you just let children be children, besides according to you everyone is predestined in their sexual orientation: so what's your goal?
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    Don't try to confuse futurecurrents with logic. :D
  6. Gay power!!

    Comin' at cha...

    Within 100 years of the original uprisings (S.F. & N.Y) the gays will have achieved their goals; domination.

    I am a g*dless nihilist~~'dust & nothingness.'

    The gay super agenda; now in the 'acceleration' phase, makes me feel like the stars are raining down 'gay pixie dust' on us all.

    "I feel so optimistic."


    The 'Ascetical-One' Cardinal Hedvig Von Dikkeman XII
  7. This is just wrong. If you are born gay then you are born gay. Pushing gay characteristics onto kids though? wow.
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    They had a chant way back before AIDS: "we're here, we're queer, we're going to take over your world" Queers could get the best jobs with unbelievable ease. Eventually they took over the hospices.

    Pride goeth before a fall.
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    The " born gay" thing is a lie. For boys, being mom's favorite and having a dad that is unavailable will do it.
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