Homosexual abuse in belgium linked to 13 suicides

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100910/ap_on_re_eu/church_abuse_belgium

    Just correcting the title of this news article. Interesting how the media has no problem defaming priests as the guilty ones when actually it was just homosexuals that did this.

    Media never has a problem linking someones job to a scandel (whether its priests or teachers, or whoever) but they will never come right out and say homosexuals did it even though thats the truth.

    Why doesnt the media ever use the word homosexual in these articles? Is it because they know the public wont look at them so fondly the way they do not look at the catholic church so fondly?
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    The media does not use that word because it is not the most accurate word choice, pedophilia is.
  3. Huh? This makes no sense...

    The cases of abuse described by the article were perpetrated by members of the clergy. That is a fact. Whether they were homo- or heterosexual is totally irrelevant (as is the gender of the victims). The point of the article (which you're missing) is that it was their exalted status and their affiliation with the Catholic Church that allowed these people to not only take advantage of children, but also to get away with it for a number of years.
  4. Judging by his "correction," it would appear that peilthetraveler has a bigger issue with homosexuality than he does with pedophilia.
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    I find this disgusting.

    Its priests within the Catholic Church who are homosexuals.

    Being that the infiltration of predatory homosexuals was worldwide.

    The reality is that the media should be condemning the homosexual actions... an wonder what the hell so many of them were doing in the priesthood.

    They should be insisting all the homosexuals be kicked out.

    They should be discussing how male homosexuals child predators seem to have far more victims per predator than heterosexuals.

    But, noo this is never discussed.

    it is an outrage... and I do go to Catholic church although I think the protestants have some things right because I believe in the Eucharist. I despise what is being done by the homosexual protecting bishops. And the lack of action by the pope.
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  7. oh wow, gratuitous misleading generalizations only apply to Muslims, eh ? :)

    What a bunch of pikers
  8. Belgium? I'll bet that took more dredging than the Panama Canal.
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    nothing I said was gratuitous or misleading.

    The preisthood is filled with too many sick homosexuals who prey upon boys. Thats a fact and I have not seen the church do enough to kick all of them out and the bishops who allowed it.

    As far as stating homosexual predators have far more victims.

    Stats are not easy find, but this is a typical discussion on the net... filled with weird rhetoric about males who molest boys not being considered homosexual.

    "A report by Focus on the Family attempts to disseminate a Christian interpretation of homosexuality in a manner that appears to be scientific and objective. 3 Their section Pedophilia and Age of Consent Laws includes statements such as:
    "Studies indicate that around 35 percent of pedophiles are homosexuals"
    "...a child molester is 17 times more likely to be homosexual than heterosexual"
    "...whereas heterosexual pedophiles commit an average of 20 acts of child molestation, for homosexuals the number is 150."
    "Thus, in terms of the likelihood and the extent of child sexual molestation, homosexuals, as a group, represent a serious threat."
    They cite three reports to support their assertions. 3,4,5 They make two very serious errors in this section of their report:

    (here the counter argument from a website author --- )

    They assume that all males who molest boys are homosexuals. This is not true; they are generally pedophiles with no sexual attraction to other adults. And many, if not most, are sexually attracted to both boys and girls.
    They assume that all homosexuals are males. They find something negative that they feel they can say about male homosexuals and extend it to all homosexuals; lesbians included. It is also seen very commonly in discussions of AIDS. Such groups will typically condemn gays for levels of HIV infections which are higher than among heterosexuals; they ignore the fact that HIV infections among lesbians are lower than among heterosexuals."


    Can you believe the author was saying that is is wrong to assume a man who molests a boy is homosexual?

    Can a person be more messed up ?
  10. Homosexuals are the biggest predators of children which is why they always end up as teachers & priests because both those occupations allow homosexuals to have "alone time" with many different children. It's premeditated by them.

    Homosexuals are less than 3% of the population, but they are about 40% of the pedophiles. Homosexuals should not be allowed to be around children, period.

    A man doesnt molest a boy because he is a priest (or a teacher). A man molests a boy because he is a homosexual. (and a pedophile for those of you that want me to be Politically correct)
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