Homo loving judges going against the voters again.

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/court-overturns-prop-8-california-says-state-t-181451250.html

    The 2nd time they've pulled this shit. They keep crying about "equal rights" but gays have the same rights as you & I. They have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. So they are not asking for "equal rights" They are asking for "SPECIAL" rights.

    For those of you that dont get it, I'll explain it in another way. How about if two 7 year old kids decided they wanted to get married. Under the same situation, they could say you are violating their rights and that they just want to be "equal".

    This is some sick shit, I'm telling you, letting people with a disease of the mind get married to each other and telling them they are "normal people" when they are not.
  2. Well, with such a clever thread title, I guess everyone would have to be on your side. And 7 year olds = 30 year old gay couples, not a stretch at all. Haven't you forgotten about the bestiality parallels and other phobic nonsense?

    People love each other. Some are gay, most are not. Big deal. Why does it bother you so? The big names in this fight, over the years, ended up win a car with cocaine and speed and young boys. What was that guy's name in Colorado? Ted Haggard, thanks to Google. Those who protest to much comes to mind. Not that I really care about your sexual preferences.

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    If gays want to go bung hole each other just do it out of my sight. But don't expect me to call it marriage or say I'm OK with it.
  4. Some would say to keep whatever it is you do, with your chosen partner, 'bung hole' or not, out of sight. That's the whole idea. But, why does something like a term called marriage worry everyone so much? My wife and I joke that everyone should have suffer, gay or not. What the hell difference does it make?

    Religious groups call it marriage, and over the years, so have some 'States' as in Countries. How does it affect your marriage, or mine for that matter. I choose to marry a woman, you too I suppose. But, does it really matter? Divorce is fine for most religions, not for some. Why do we have to be bias against one group or another?

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    Well, if the word doesn't matter I think gays should just be happy if it was given its own title in law. Say, "Civil Bungholing". Just so there isn't any confusion with religious marriage which is (by definition) between a man and a woman.
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    I wonder, did they have state recognized gay marriages in ancient times? (serious question)
    I'm a little bit of a history buff, but I've never seen this mentioned. Even though male on male dick sucking and fudge packing were common in various times and places.
  7. So beneath you, at least as I saw you and your intelligence. I, too, enjoyed Beavis and Butthead, but wouldn't use their language in any type of civil argument.

  8. From the recent study about conservatives.......

    ""Socially conservative ideologies tend to offer structure and order," Hodson said, explaining why these beliefs might draw those with low intelligence. "Unfortunately, many of these features can also contribute to prejudice."
    In another study, this one in the United States, Hodson and Busseri compared 254 people with the same amount of education but different levels of ability in abstract reasoning. They found that what applies to racism may also apply to homophobia. People who were poorer at abstract reasoning were more likely to exhibit prejudice against gays."

    The OP and most of the following posts are more proof of the hypothesis that righties are......how you say?......... stupid? And the select group here are fucking morons.
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    I feel like I'm in a Charlie Brown cartoon.
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    I don't watch any Bevo and butthead. They can call their uncivil unions what ever they want. But it is NOT marriage. Period!! Archie Bunker was right about some things.
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