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  1. I strongly recommend to read the works of Dr. Sunic. In my opinion, he is one of the great intellectual of the 21th century. He wrote a comperative masterpiece about, among other things, Jewish influence in American society, compared with the Jewish influence in the Soviet Union.

    Dr. Tomislav Sunic:

    (writer, translator, author, former US professor in political science.)

    "While one could find scores of Marxist true believers in American academia during the Cold War, most east Europeans privately nurtured strong anticommunist and pro-American feelings. Former Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan had more true, albeit hidden, constituents in communized Poland, Hungary, and Albania than on the West or East Coast. It was difficult for many east Europeans, particularly those who physically suffered under communism, to grasp the motives of young American students during the anti-Vietnam protests in the late sixties. Of course, pro-American and anticommunist sentiments among the wide layers of eastern European society had to be skillfully hidden. But a great majority of people in eastern Europe privately applauded the U.S. bombing of Vietnam and the harsh anticommunist rhetoric of Nixon and Reagan. They were all persuaded that, sooner or later, American GIs would liberate their homelands from the red plague."

    Dr. Sunic

    Review of his book, Homo Americanus, by Dr. Frederik Toben:

    Anyone who writes about >Americanism< at the beginning of the 21st century is propounding a world view, and for me that means having to get past the view formulated in 2000 by Jacques Barzun in his classic, From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life.

    Multi-lingual Croatian-born and US-educated scholar and former diplomat Tomislav Sunic does not mention Barzun in the index of names of his 214-page paperback book, nor is Barzun’s book mentioned in any of the 230-footnotes.

    This may be because Sunic is far more modest in his attempt to bring into focus the elements, the myths and legends that make up the USA where >political correctness< has gone overboard. For example, by enshrining in law aspects of the 2001 US government official conspiracy theory that >Arab terrorists< perpetrated 9:11, it is more difficult to investigate the various events surrounding this tragedy. If insurance companies pay on claims made by victims of 9:11, then that supports the conspiracy theory and sets events and incidents in legal concrete. To chip away at such legal structures is thus essential because they effectively distort societal realities. In his book Sunic does not shy away from such an enterprise.

    When I began reading Homo Americanus I recalled that Barzun spent relatively little time on illuminating the post-World-War I-II period, something that Sunic does in some detail. Barzun, for example, in less than a page skims over the period that Revisionists literally have thrashed to death: the Holocaust-Shoah that has brainwashed the German people with a sense of guilt to the point of self-destruction. Imagine, you are accused of having been part of a nation that allegedly killed millions of Jews, but then you are not legally allowed to question for truth-content any aspect of this allegation. The last time this psychological mechanism was used with devastating effect at a national level was in the Soviet Union and ist satellite states, and before that during the infamous Christian witches’ trials. Sunic surmises that such state of affairs is already well entrenched within the US body politics.

    It is almost as if Barzun’s sweeping view of Western human endeavour has distilled the essentials that have produced the degenerated human condition called consumerism-hedonism without specifically focusing on the Jewish question, i.e. the role played by Jews in establishing >the Jewish century<, something that is picked up and elaborated upon by Sunic.

    Barzun's vision spans more than just the proverbial three generations, and it comes close to that still operating within Chinese history where a six-thousand-year written perspective operates where the dominant value is harmony. Hence the Maoist period of upheaval >revolution< is contextualized as a mere aberration not really of any significance - though tell that to those individuals and families who suffered personally during this catastrophic period of upheaval. In his world view Barzun would not find, for example, Dr David Duke a significant person on the stage of US public life, while Sunic, and evolutionary psychologist Professor Kevin MacDonald - in his Foreword to the book – regard Duke an important figure because Duke-hatred illustrates the mechanism of >political correctness< within US academic and political circles.

    Hence Sunic's focus is more microscopic, and by his reasoning the Jewish question deserves to be addressed, something Barzun in his sweep of Western civilization would regard as merely one of a number of factors determining the USA decline

    Sunic goes to great lengths to contextualize the perceived decline of the USA through its self-destructive multiculturalism and immigration policies, and shows how a belief in the >Holocaust-Shoah< has dismantled and replaced, at least in public, the once dominant concepts of Christianity.

    The recent death of one of the US’s leading Christian Zionists, Jerry Falwell, gives lie to the much-celebrated division in Western societies between church and state. Even here in Australia, where we have a secular state structure, the current government is well known to be courting Christian fundamentalists who are much like the Christian Zionists in the USA that blindly support the racist Zionist state of Israel.

    Read rest:
    Recent, may 2007, interview with Dr. Sunic
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  2. yeah he is an intellectual on a par with falwell reading from the above text... what a bunch of psychos... your no better than dddooo for posting such diarrhea man....
  3. Sure, it's a a provocative title that annoys people in the first place, which I anticipated. Important topics such as immigration and interventionism, topics mainstream historians believe to be politically incorrect, are dealed with in his works and in an extremely objective, yet truthful fashion. Contrary to what the title of this post might suggest, the guy is not some meditative Marxist metaphysician.

  4. garbage...

    Dr. Sunic's thought has been described in an introduction to his work as being in the style of the GRECE school of Alain de Benoist" and states that he is familiar with the traditions of the New Right, a descriptive term for various forms of conservative, right-wing, or self-proclaimed dissident oppositional movements and groups that emerged in the mid- to late twentieth century. The introduction to his work says that he "addresses the modern world of hyper-liberalism, globalist capitalism and the crisis of our inherited Indo-European civilization." GRECE was created in January 1968 by forty far-right activists and critics have argued that Benoist has developed a "novel restatement of fascism." Dr. Sunic has expressed his views before a number of groups often referred to by critics, governments and NGO's as far right extremist. For example, Dr Sunic was reported to have given a talk at a 2002 event entitled Eurofest, sponsored by a white nationalist and a white separatist group known as the National Alliance that is often included in lists of neo-Nazi groups, in part due to its glorification of Adolf Hitler. The central theme of this talk was reported to be that Europe was being slowly occupied by "alien" peoples, a demographic which if continued will result in European people becoming a minority in Europe. He was said to have claimed that Turks are thereby "enslaving white people" in Germany." Dr.Sunic also spoke at the March 2007 meeting of the Institute for Historical Review, a major center of the Holocaust Denial movement. He also spoke at a meeting of the National Democratic Party of Germany, a political party in Germany [1] classified] by the German government as rightwing extremist making pronouncements similar to that of National Socialism.

    His most recent released book, prefaced by Kevin MacDonald, is "Homo americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age".

    Against Democracy and Equality: The European New Right (1990)
    Titoism and Dissidence (1995)
    Amerièka Ideologija
    Cool Croatia
    Homo americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age (March 2007) "
  5. There is a significant difference between the New Right Sunic adheres to and the American New Right. In fact, they are completely unrelated. Dr. Sunic merely follows the tradition of Alain de Benoist (strongly influenced by Julius Evola), who is a well known anti-Zionist activist and a respected conservative philosopher, whether you agree with him or not.

    From where I stand, I don't literally agree with everything he writes, but that doesn't mean that he isn't a very admirable intellectual who makes a lot of good points.

    Another interesting review of Sunic's book: