Homicide???....I think not

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    A 400 pound drugged up man tries to resist arrest and attacks police officers and is beat to death......I think the cops did what they had to do?? what else could they have done??? let him run away.. I think not....besides we all know why this is a big issue...

  2. one thing people overlook is that he had drugs in his system, but they're saying he was high. maybe he was, but he didn't have to be. you can take a drug and have it in your system for a while. so i'm just saying this should be determined first. did he just take drugs that night, or were drugs in his system from days/weeks ago?

    the fat guy did attack the police, so the police should do whatever they have to to protect themselves and stop him. however, while he was on the ground, i think it was overdone.

    i haven't been following it that much, but although he was overweight, does anyone really doubt his death was induced by the beating (on top of his health problems)?! yes, the fat guy caused himself to be beat, but i still think there could have been other ways to deal with him once he was on the ground and not endangering the police.

    i wouldn't fire those cops or anything, but i would be looking for better ways to handle similar situations in the future. i'm not saying it was not ok for cops to club the guy for resisting arrest, but if he just won't co-operate, do you beat him to death?! maybe cops should have tranquilzer or stun guns in their cars or something for people who resist arrest like this.

    no, i don't expect everything cops do to be perfect, but i think there's room for improvement.

  3. the solution-- TASR

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  4. Those Pigs should be strung up!

    Let him run away? Any cop that can not keep up with a running fat man should not have that job.
    When a cop approaches you any where, you are at that point under arrest. If you then say no to any of his request, you are resisting arrest.

    There is no reason for a PIG to beat any body with a club when they are UNARMED and lying on the ground.
    Even if that, or any person attempts to run away,why do PIGS feel they need to kill that person?

    Anyway you asked.

  5. First of all, you can't really see him once he gets to the ground. There is no telling if he was struggling or not. However, I do think asking a 400 pound man to put his hands behind his back is a bit of a stretch (literally). Is this even possible?

    However, the man attacked the police. What are the police supposed to do? That man had a choice to not resist arrest. Whether drugs were in his system or not is not relevant -- you are responsible for your actions at all times. If you are responsible enough to take drugs, then you should be responsible enough to know how it will affect you and NOT be in a public place where cops will be patrolling.

    It is a shame that he died, but the police did their job. Had anyone else been in that same situation, I'm sure the outcome would have been similar. Cops aren't going to say, "Oh, he doesn't want to be arrested so we'll let him go," because that will set a precedent for future resisting arrest scenarios.
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    That was the most horrible beating I've ever seen. If they had shot the man, I wouldn't be so much against the officers, because that's one quick hit and the man is down....but they beat him over and over with a stick until he stopped breathing, that took quite a lot of work...judging from the video. I think pepper spray or other non-lethals could have been used.

  7. Just because the cops say the man attacked them don't make it true.
    If it is true, trained killing machines ( cops) don't need to beat a fat man to death.

    If this man was wanted on murder, rape or what ever violent charges, at that point, yes what ever happens, happens.

    But just some yahoo, being drunk or high or just a big mouth, don't deserve to have the crap beat out of him, or killed.

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    Instead of being all macho why didn't the pigs just back off, draw out their guns and tell that fucker to stay put or get shot??
    If he tries anything then shoot him in the legs or something
    There were like what 5-6 guys involved??
    Why did they have to be that aggressive?
    Knowing you have all your police buddies around you know you won't be in much danger so just back the fuck off and draw your guns instead of beating that guy repeatley with the club
  9. face it cops are above the law. they have more rights to protect themselves even though they are armed and trained.

    if the black fat man attacked a nazi skin head and a bunch of his friends jumped in and killed the black man they would be up on hate crimes at this point.

    the rights of the citizen are 2nd to that of a cop.

    i saw a video awhile back - some guy got arrested at his house, they had him face down with his hands handcuffed behind his back. one cop sat on his lower back and pushed his arms up over his head - keeping the arms straight. another cop was on sat on his legs. they broke both his arms pushing them forward over his head. they said he still continued to resist. they pushed further. his lungs where ripped and he died later at the hospital. both cops not convicted of anything.
  10. Sulong, kavman, and fxtrading must be thinking how good that 400lb dick sandwich would taste. Fag traders playing with their mouse pads all day. Are policemen paid to get broken noses, concussions? Its a civil service gig. School teachers make more money than cops. Try living in a society without them. If you queen's think it's so easy to contain a crazy guy trying to rip your head off, then become cops. Bet you're all shit traders anyhow.
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