Homeschooling produces Higher test scores. Traditional education is a scam.

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  1. I see TPTB (the powers that be) installed some new systems to catch cheaters in school. Guess what? It's not the kids that are cheating it is the teachers. Yuppers, those teachers are changing test scores on the kids so they can pass. WTF?

    In other news I also read 5k scholarships are available for GPA of 2.75 I 'spect some kids some day will be getting a Nobel Peace prize on graduation day too! :cool: :D
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    Yes, we know, but if many people turn to home-schooling then a lot of stupid union employees will be out of work and looking for jobs at Walmart where they really have to work and don't get three months vacation plus per year.
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    Of course home schooled kids should be better students, they have parents who care a lot about having a good education, so its obvious they are going to do better than average.
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    It's not obvious. Teachers have education and training and must pass exams showing that they know the subject matter that they teach. The critics of home schooling usually paint the parents of home-schooled children as ignorant hill-billy hicks that believe in guns and religion and doubt global warming and evolution.

    So how could such stupid, ignorant people teach their children sufficiently well to outperform students at public schools on standardized achievement tests?
  5. The teachers unions keeps irresponsible incompetent teachers teaching. What choices do parents have?
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    Of course it's a scam, what isn't a scam these days?

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  7. Yeah right....... What a joke.

    Those kids are going to be the biggest introverts you've ever seen
  8. Nobel peace prize has lost its value after it was awarded to Obama for essentially doing nothing but get elected. What a sham !
  9. I remeber reading in Orwell's 1984 and a few other books how the children just sat by their telescreens and gained an education that way. The issue is the employers still see brick motors schools as legitmate. It will take some time before the mainstream accepts that this is the way it is. The Baby Boomers do not understand this whole internet education thing. It is a very cost effective way to teach people and it allows people to go at thier own pace. Teachers do want this to happen because it means job loss.
    I also see how the lawyers are going to be out of a job soon with companies such as The average joe can bypass using a lawyer.
    Eventualy it will lead to Meritocracy.

    Read the Foundation series by Asimov if you have the time,

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