Homerun from Day 1, and have been profitable ever since, without ever looking back

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Homerun from Day 1, and have been profitable ever since, without ever looking back

  1. I have

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  2. I have not

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  3. I did, but became over confident and lost it all

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  4. I simply do not know how to trade

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  5. I gamble and do not care..you win some and you lose some

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  6. I got a homerun and now am at breakeven.

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  7. I am a system trader and following my system to the end, thats all that matters

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  8. I have traded so long, I don't rememeber, but I have made ALL of the mistakes

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  9. Ifreeze when it comes to trading real money.

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  10. Electric!...shut up...

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  1. This is the chance for the truly Elite to tell the community that it is possible.

    Have you, from the first day of trading real live dollars, made money out of the gate, and sure you lost some along the way, but you are profitable and did not blow up or lose your initial capital to this day.

    The reason I want to know this is to satisfy a curiosity about traders needing to lose before they can win. I have never seen a poll in ET addressing this. Maybe I missed it...but lets get current anyway's.

    Michael B.
  2. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    all the above
  3. damn...I was just waiting for the game. Do I have to shut up?
  4. I can always depend on my friends in ET :) Since I have such overwhelming support, I will continue...
  5. Well,

    since the poll is reflecting an overwhelming consensus, I will definatley bring my post count to 8k...Just for YOU ET'ers.

    Who will win the game?...I say Pittsburg by 5

    Michael B.
  6. Interestngly, my popularity and readership cannot deny me my glory...

    Thank you...

    Have you voted?

    Michael B.
  7. ummm...The poll results prove to be shining through, please do not forget to vote for the gipper...