Homer Simpson is a Republican

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Is Homer a Republican?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. StreamlineTrade

    StreamlineTrade Guest

    I have realised this because

    He dislikes Iraqis having never met one (Im watching the Simpsons - and that is what he just said)

    He believes everything he reads and sees on TV

    He is stoopid, stoopid, stoopid!

    He believes that carrying guns is a good idea (another episode I saw)

    He is unable to think for himself

    What about Marge?

    I think she is a democrat.

    What do you think?
  2. He doesn't seem to have a good work ethic. His son seems out of control. He's stoopid (like you say), and it looks like he would get his political views from celebrities rather than from real sources.

    Sounds like a democrat to me.... DOH!
  3. Lisa is definitely a hippie.
  4. maxpi


    Bart is the future Republican. He will get through high school, barely, just so he can moon the principal at the graduation ceremony. After that he will start a low tech business employing illegals and be retired at 40.
  5. maxpi


    Lisa may be a hippie but she will be an unmarried and permanently disgruntled witch later on, trust me, I know these things.
  6. StreamlineTrade

    StreamlineTrade Guest

    maxpi - LOL!! I think you are right on both counts. BArt is the next Bill Gates, and Lisa is the next Ann Couture - or however she spells her name (but a hippy version)

    Do you think Millhouse will have to resort to data rape when they are older? If he doesn't get her, Auto surely will!

    What about Chief Wigam? Who does he vote for? I have him down as another republican.
  7. pattersb

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    Definitely a swing voter. Would vote for anyone at anytime who made the right campaign promises.

    Like repelling the alcholol taxes or repelling the "tax-breaks" for the rich.

    I don't think Homer has developed a "political philosophy", per se...

    Considering Marge is a regular church-goer, and clearly mantains traditional family values, it is difficult to conclude she would vote for a Democrat, who after-all are larglely godless and hold themselves higher than any silly "god".

    Lisa, Ultr-Liberal. Tend to agree she will be the next Maureen Dowd, single,lonely,bitter ... "Men won't date successful Women!" ... No Maureen, men won't date shrill-hysterical ones.

    Bart -- Third Party. Buchannen supporter.
  8. Yup, with simple-minded guys like Homer, their vote always goes to the more <b>charismatic</b> politician. Reagan over Carter or Mondale. Clinton over Bush sr. or Dole. End of story.
  9. Homer- swing voter for Reardon's reasons. Needs someone to follow and something to believe in. Easily excited over crazy ideas.
    Marge- middle of the road Democrat. Unlikely to campaign or be outspoken except on the local level and on issues that directly affect her. Not totally beholden to the party; will vote for someone based on only one or two issues even if the rest of the candidate's plank does not mesh with her sensibilities. Very forgiving of politicians' personal shortcomings. Not interested in advanced theories, political negotiations or complicated ideas. Pragmatism wins out over idealism.
    Lisa- Spurned Nader Raider. She leaves Columbia University her junior year to live amongst a communist faction in a South American country. Her lover is the leader. She is held for 15 years in a dingy cell in La Paz after the federales find detonators and five pounds of C- 10 in her messenger bag.
    Bart- loyal Republican and big donor. Barely passes high school, starts a roofing company at 20, acquires gas stations and hotels and is a multi- millionaire in his early 30's. Never leaves Springfield. Blows lots of money at strip clubs and casinos. Goes through 3 wives by 50. His last is 20 when he marries her and was a cashier at one of his gas stations.
    Wiggam- Xenophobic Republican that talks a lot about how liberals are scum but doesn't vote. Will talk xenophobic nonsense to minorities in the force. Listens to Rush on the beat. Rush will be playing while someone in the back of his car is in handcuffs.
    Milhouse- inclined to follow more exotic political figures such as Lyndon LaRouche. Found stumping outside of post offices.
    Skinner- Neocon. Has an extensive collection of Nixon memorabilia and Bork autographs.
    Mrs. Crabapple- Libertarian and closet pot smoker. Is in a polyamorous relationship with Willy, Otto and a couple other people. NORML activist.
  10. With my handle, I have to reply. being grimey, I couldn't stand homer because of his limited brain capicity, and yet he ate lobster every night, owned a house, + 2 cars, fed his family and hated the obviously republican Flanders. So I would say he is the poster child of the left. A loser that makes it through life somehow. And yes it is still my favorite show on t.v.
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