Homeowners relief: why a bailout and not lawsuits ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Kicking, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Why bail out subprime borrowers? From what I can see all this will do is make it impossible for people with no credit to borrow ever again. Actually subprime loans were great for people with little or no credit and undocumented income. These products will never be offered again.

    I agree that if anyone needs help it's the homeowners before Wall St. but if one was not victim of deceptive business practices and everything was in the fine print they should not be bailed out. People are free to take risks and then take responsibility when things go wrong. If there really were irregularities why aren't the lawyers all over this ?
    Seems to me this is usually how things work in America, and should.
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    Is it the matter of the legal irregularities or the matter of miscalculating the economic risk by the average people ( and even worse by the banks )?
  3. Dan Webb, Judge Judy and Spitzer may be putting together an enormous class-action lawsuit. We'll see.