Homeowner Forecloses On Bank of America

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jun 4, 2011.

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  3. Bravo.
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    This raises my blood pressure to dangerous limits. No wonder there are terrorists lining up for the "Revolucion"
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    You just made my entire weekend with that link!!!!!!:) Love it!!!!!!!:)
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    Makes ya just hate banks, doesn't it?
  7. Now if they would simply execute the Bank Manager and all B of A employees that were associated with the decision...all would be right in the world, least for a day.
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    I'd be OK with that.
  9. Bank of America is the worst of the worst. I can't believe they haven't been shut down.
    A few years ago I opened a business account at BOA in another state I was working in, my business account is at a local Texas bank so I had to get a local bank while I was out of town.
    I made several deposits over the next couple of weeks totaling a little under $40 thousand. Then the fun started a check to a sub bounced at BOA. I went in and there was a hold on the funds. The young bank punk told me the funds might not of cleared. I asked him to check and see. I was told the people who wrote the checks had to check with their banks. I called all the people who wrote me checks and the money had been taken out of their accounts and all checks had been cleared a couple of weeks ago. Another trip to the bank and still funds locked down. It took another two weeks and finally a nice lady on from somewhere on the east coast with BOA got my funds released, there was never any explanation of why the account was locked down.
    I talked personally with a few others who have horrible experiences with BOA also.
    One man who's mortgage is held at BOA had some wind damage. The insurances put the mortgage companies name on the check also. The home owner has had the trees removed from the fences and house and the contractor is wanting to be paid. The bank says they wont release any money until all work is done and paid for by the home owner. They are even holding the money for the spoiled food and patio furniture paid for on the insurance claim and wont release that money.
    No telling how many people they have hurt financially.