Homemade HFT - how close can a retail trader get?

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  1. a) Fair, re avg spreads, the spreads did not update on my mobile hence I thought they are average spreads, I see them updating in real-time on my desktop. No change in my point, though, the spreads are WIDE

    b) what's the point to use FIX with them when you get ripped off on spreads? It's a losing proposition from the very start

    c) you should care where they are registered and where they operate out of. "They are honest to you?" How do you even know that? Just because you did not have issues with them so far means what? An honest broker does not have issues to be registered and regulated in major financial centers. Are you looking to keep your account under 20k with them forever? And who says you get anything if they go under, or an employee steals your segregated funds. The guarantee they mention is on paper and means nothing in a country where financial oversight is close to non-existent. How much capital do they have to back their operations in case of a mishap? Have you even checked that? If a single customer loses just enough above and beyond his/her account balance the entire firm may go under because they cannot cover the loss they owe to their liquidity providers and which they cannot cover from a low capital base.

    d) I bet that you are a piker for this shady broker.

    Am out of here, take my advice if are just a clueless customer and seek a different broker. If you work for or are compensated by this broker then on the other hand fuxx yourself.

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    Just becouse I have a good opinion about them doesnt mean Im paid. Stop accusing me rn

    If you are asking whats the point using FIX youre the one thats needs to do homework. If you dont get why I choose them then I suggest rereading my prev answer.

    and yes, i have no need to deposit more than 20k. This is more than enought to trade with laverage.

    you are talking a lot but still cant suggest a better solution, whats the point?
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  3. Consider IB, Dukascopy, Pepperstone, or Baxter. You never get everything you want. But you should smarten up and have some base non-negotiables. Costs of execution is one of them.

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