homelessness up 9% this year

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    Markets being up 10%, 15% 25% dont help the other 50 million living in poverty or the middle hard working class family who can afford to get by but don't put anything into investments because they know about games that are played on wallstreet.

    The gap between the richest and poorest is the greatest ever and shows no signs of changing anytime soon. It will continue to widen for the next 20-30 years.
  2. That's how it's always been, always will be, and is SUPPOSED to be... in America.

    "Compounding returns on capital"... of which the poor have none.

    Want to change that? Put the poor to work. How? Promote a tax and regulatory environment which favors hiring them.

    But Odumbo will have none of that.... (See Warren G. Harding's Administration)... it's the ONLY plan which has a chance to work.

    Otherwise, it's all just one big circle jerk... with no "happy ending"..
  3. This could be improved upon if people would exercise better judgement with what little money they have.

    I get the impression of young people that being profcient in using a cell phone is the equvalent of a college degree and this is all they need to know. Not counting the fact the amount of money vaporized into thin air texting and blabbing. Upgrading, losing and replacing cell phones = a price of a leased car.

    Secondly, drinking red bull on the high priced side and bottled water are money wasters along with their perception that "eating out" is a sport.

    There's more, but in general ...young kids are lacking in the finance dept and even when they know better, they do nothing about it.
  4. We have a lot of poor in the US. Not to say anyone "deserves it", but much is of their own making.

    In Dec 22, Denver Post...

    "High School Grads Fail Army Exam"...

    1. 75% of applicants, age 17-24, don't qualify to take the test because they are physically unfit, have a criminal record, or failed to graduate from HS.

    2. Nearly 1/4 of recent HS grads who try to join the Army fail the entrance exam. (Recruits must score at least 31 out of 99 on the test of basic math, science, and reading to be eligible to enlist in the Army. The Marines, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard require higher scores... only 31% right to "pass"?)

    So... these people are supposed to be "rich" or "middle class"? Just because they were born in America?
  5. The high unemployment problem in America is now the new normal. Barring some kind of massive technological innovation that everyone else can partake in, like the Internet, this will be the reality for decades to come.
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    "We have a lot of poor in the US. Not to say anyone "deserves it", but much is of their own making."

    true. the real issue,however, is under an obama regime with all the new rules and regulatios will the ambitious poor be able too move up the ladder per the vaunted american class mobility?
  7. It's still true in America... "Do the right thing... and enough of it... and you can become wealthy..." Not withstanding the tax and regulatory burden... at least the government doesn't SPECIFICALLY prevent people from becoming successful... if they can.

    As far as the "Odumbo Regime"... he really is anti-business. He doesn't want people employed in the private sector. He'd rather they become government tit-suckers so that the Federal Government "controls their check"... their "living"... that way Government check recipients will vote whichever way the Regime tells them to.

    His spew... "I'm all about jobs", "this administration's #1 priority is jobs"... all just more lies in his LONNNNNG list of lies.
  8. One thing is for certain... if young people don't go to school and do their homework... it's highly unlikely they will ever accomplish much financially. Sure, they might become wealthy by starting a business of picking up rich people's dog shit... while they themselves are unable to spell "cat" or add 2 numbers in their head... but such successes will be rare.
  9. "31/99 in basic math, science and reading"? Sheesh. In the Air Force I remember taking a timed test to see how fast we could learn an abstract language.... of course, that was "back in the day".
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