Homeless Trader Photos

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  1. Stupid request, but some of the old threads here had pictures of bums in cardboard boxes with captions about how they were users of ET.

    Can you people help me round up the best homeless-trader photos? I want to put them into a report I am writing and I know you guys know where the best homeless photos are.
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    Just walk around the East 60's and 70's in NYC, every day I see a new well dressed person collecting empty cans from the garbage can.

    I am thankful to steal a few ticks from you from the other side of my trades daily.

    Give a bum a leftover slice of pizza, or 1/2 a sandwich you are gonna throw out or give to your fat girlfriend.

    Have a little compassion ... it could be you one day!

    sour dough
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    Do you mind PAYPALing me $5 toward's my dinner?
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  7. Look man, I'm just writing a trading strategy and analyzing it for a thesis. I'm just looking for a good cover photo for my powerpoint presentation. People post homeless photos to this web site all the time, so don't act like you're above us. Goes with the turf. Just a fact of life in this biz.

    -Lolatency, future [homeless bum | millionaire, select 1]
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    Good luck on your book report!
  9. lol. The book I am reading is

    Subway Car Urine Smell: The Life and Times of Surdo
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