Homeless invests in the stock market

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  1. I wouldn't see this at the bottom of a bear market.

    MOSCOW (Reuters) - A 63-year-old homeless Russian man has gone from street life to stock market trader after collecting thousands of empty booze bottles for cash, a popular Russian tabloid reported on Tuesday.
  2. The shoeshine boy, the homeless Moscovite...

    This ends quite badly -

  3. This is the opposite story of how it ends up for most members of elitetrader whereby they go from owning a house and having a life to picking up bottles on the street when the market is finished with them. :)
  4. a sincere question:

    do you actually trade? and, if so, is your account at zero? not trying to start a fight, but you've been posting nothing but doom and gloom and chiding this rally since march. if you trade, and follow the beliefs you post, you HAVE to have blown up long ago. if not, please explain- i am quite sure my thought are shared by the entire site...
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    LOL :D
  6. A rags-to-rubles story? :cool:
  7. No asshole ... your thoughts are shared only by youself, your other multiple aliases, and your other stupid ass friends who think your shit-for-brains postings are amusing.

    P.S. and with a multiple-alias like that, good luck to you.
  8. Hey 3 post douchebag, if you're so interested in me, let it be known that I'm not gay (sorry to disappoint you), and you can find the answer to your idiotic question by conducting a search.

    And good luck to you, 3 post wonder, as you leverage in to this record high valuation equity market - though you're probably just another high school/college student with a paper trading or Zecco account.
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