Homeless in Motels

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  1. " The number of homeless families living in motels funded by the state now tops more than 1,000, a dramatic 37 percent increase since June 1, a top official for the state Department of Housing and Community Development said yesterday. Tina Brooks, undersecretary of the department, said 1,010 families - including more than 1,400 children - are now living in motels, at a monthly cost of about $2.8 million for taxpayers. "

    This is just in Massachusetts. That's 2.8 Million USD per month,btw.
    The homeless shelters reached capacity 2 yrs ago.
    Here's the whole article.

  2. So... state is paying average of $92.50 per night/per family?

    Is that all the better they can do with taxpayer funds?

    And we want to allow the government greater control in our health care???