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  1. http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/

    Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller said today that Al-Qaida is determined to launch an attack in the U.S. in the next few months and yet the "level" of terror warning at the Dept. of Homeland Security remains the same ( yellow ) as it has been since January.

    What a joke.
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    In fact, if, after Bush has done all that he has, Al-qaeda is even able to step INTO America, let alone start attacking us on our own soil, it would indicate Bush and his campaign against terror is a complete farce.

    I think Al-qaeda have already been launching attacks on America for the last 60 days at chemical plants (3 so far and counting). See my thread here.

    As long as the US public continue(s?) buying into his ploy for presidency, this "ongoing fight against Al-qaeda" simply assures Bush and his admin job security, but does nothing for our own security: Tenet.
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    OK, Waggie, I am officially raising the terror alert to dark red as of now! OK everyone, run out, stock up on water and can food immediately. Buy a gun, get a doberman.

    The terrorists are coming, the terrorists are coming!!!!!

    Hide the kids, lock the doors, close the windows. Keep your radio on for special emergency messages! Whatever you do, don't answer your door.

    Remember the terrorists are coming, the terrorists are coming!!!!

    If you see a guy in your neighborhood wearing a turbin, immediately gang tackle him and make him tell you where all the secret terrorist cells are. If he says he doesn't know, keep kicking him until he tells you.

    The terrorists are coming, the terrorists are coming!!!!

    If you notice any suspicious people in your neighborhood, just shoot them, ask questions later, there is a good chance they are a terrorist. If you see anybody walking around water facilities, electric plants, just shoot them, they are probably a terrorist!

    The terrorists are coming, the terrorists are coming!!!!

    If you are thinking about enjoying a day at the park with your family, don't! If you are thinking of going to a movie, don't! If you are thinking of going on vacation, don't. If you are thinking of going to a mall, don't!

    The terrorists are coming, the terrorists are coming!!!!!

    This message has been brought to you by Waggie and the Dept. of Homeland security. The views expressed in this message may not be the same views expressed by the government or any normal thinking rational citizen.
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    I think this is a more appropriate alert response for when Maverick74 steps outside his mental hospital ward. :)

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    Oh come on coins, or is it coinz? You spelled your name differently in the same post. You can do better then that. You have to have more wit then that to compete on this board. You are in the minor leagues son. :D
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    Well... gee... pop, thanks for nominating yourself as my official message board social counselor/score keeper!

    Actually, replying to your post I didn't know I was "competing."


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    WTF Mav. Is this the Castro district or Key West here on ET. Everytime I look around there's another taking it in the ass dick smoker on here.
  8. Back at the Homeland Security Department, the following oil companies that had revenues in the Billions of dollars were able to secure $65 million in grants from the Homeland Security Budget:


    Gee, I feel much safer now.
    Too bad that money could not have gone to public transportation.
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    Waggie, 65 million is like .000000000000001% of our national budget. In fact, I think our government sets aside a larger sum of money for investigating the mating habits of squirrels. LOL. And guess who probably gets that grant? UC Berkeley! :D
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