Homeland Security

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lwilkenson, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have any picks within the Homeland Security Market? Is it still a good area to consider?
  2. I think this market makes sense given today's economic environment. There is a small company out there that seems to have some impressive technology which has just entered the space. They are QualSec (QLSC). You can find some additional info on the space at http://bionic-nose.com/
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    I'm going to give you +5 points for waiting a day between posting your fake question and spamming us with the answer. That shows patiences that most spammers don't usually have.

    Using accounts that had no posting history is kind of a dead giveaway though - next time try to work on that before you spam us.
  4. Hahaha good call :D
  5. well that is not the case, but i do appreciate your feedback. what are your picks in the space?
  6. I have to say this is a bit disappointing. Just trying to get some advice. Oh well thanks for the attention anyways. It's more than I get a the bars, so I guess it is not a complete loss.