Homeland Security ends Deportations

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    Obama hoping to get some more votes no doubt.

    Homeland Security should probably change their name to Homeland Welcoming Committee.
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    The dems believe that Latinos are democrats-for-life. The greatest justice and irony would be if they turned out to be objective and voted in their real interests perhaps turning republican as many property owners and people with a stake in the economy do.

    I was hoping there would be a Perry/Rubio ticket but I don't hear much talk about Rubio. Thought maybe that would start to turn the tide a bit.
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    He needs the Hispanics in his pocket for the election so he is trowing them a bone. He'll be throwing bones from now til the exlection so expect to see more in the form of executive orders.
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    Imagine if he lost the election. Between the election and the inaugeration of the new guy Obama would pardon many of his felon buddies and attempt to line the pockets of his friends on an epic scale. He'll make Clinton's pardons and executive order thievery look like amature hour the Chicago Way.
  6. This continues a troubling pattern of outright defiance of the law by obama. The excuse was the same one they were urged to use for the debt ceiling, that congress had "failed to act."

    By that, they mean that congress has refused to pass the Dream Act, which does pretty much what they just did by edict. This authority to violate existing law because congress hasn't repealed or amended it must be listed in the invisible ink clause of the Constitution, the same place where the right to an abortion and gay marriage are laid out.

    We already have the spectacle of obama granting thousands of waivers from obamacare to his supporters. What's next, waiving their need to pay taxes? Of course, the Congressional Black Caucus already seems to have a secret tax waiver.
  7. Some great points made AAA as well as in this piece:

    I Refuse to Obey the Law
    What's good for the goose...
    Posted by Daniel Horowitz (Profile)
    Thursday, August 18th at 11:50PM EDT

    In yet another demonstration of contempt for the rule of law and the separation of powers, the Obama administration has announced that it will no longer enforce our immigration laws. Secretary of Homeland Insecurity Janet Napolitano proclaimed in a letter to the Senate that she will suspend deportation proceedings and grant amnesty to those who ostensibly fit the criteria of the Dream Act – a bill that was defeated with overwhelming bipartisan support of Congress. Hence, Obama is publicly declaring that he will ensure our laws are not executed faithfully.

    This unprecedented abdication on the part of the president begs the question – what sort of message does this convey to our youth regarding the inviolability of the rule of law?

    What other laws will this president refuse to execute faithfully? Will he direct the EPA to enforce cap and trade, or instruct the DOI to block the issuance of drilling permits? Oh, he is already doing that.

    And, most importantly, if the president is above the law, then why should any of us be compelled to adhere to laws that we regard as undesirable or unfair? If Obama can refuse to enforce his core constitutional duties, why can’t we disregard his individual insurance mandate – a law that is an anathema to the constitution?

    Ironically, the very illegals that remain in the country as a result of Obama’s shirking of his constitutional duties, will receive healthcare benefits from the unconstitutional Obamacare. Remember when Obama claimed that illegals would be barred from those benefits? Well, as Congressman Joe Wilson so presciently and succinctly declared, “YOU LIE.” I guess the real question is this: does an illegal have the authority to opt out of the individual mandate? Or can they play both sides of this lawlessness?

    Not only has this president refused to uphold our immigration laws; he has thwarted the states and law enforcement agencies from doing so. He has taken the unprecedented step of siding with foreign nations and suing two of our states for upholding the laws that he refuses to recognize. This is the most profound and dangerous form of extremism in our government today, as it undermines the very core of our political system.

    What if citizens would stop paying taxes, or refuse to participate in Social Security? If the executive branch can countermand a law of Congress, why can’t the voters – those who grant Congress its authority – do the same?

    This administration is setting a dangerous precedent.

    Congress must reassert its constitutional authority over immigration law. They should hold public hearings and shed some light on the darkest corners of this administrative power grab. Additionally, as part of any budget negotiations for the FY 2012 continuing resolution, Republicans should ensure that no funds are allocated for the joint DOJ-DHS task force charged with granting these administrative amnesties.

    This extreme president is beneath contempt. He must be stopped.