Homeland Security Chief says CIA resignation timeline doesn't add up.

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  1. CIA Chief's resignation successfully held til after the Presidential election was over.

    This negates any talk of Petraeus's loyalty to country, and loyalty to his wife, for being the reason he stepped down.

    His wife, and the U.S., was gamed in the timing of this news release.

    How could the President NOT be involved at this level - head of the CIA??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Foreign countries look for vulnerable situations such as this for blackmail possibilities.


  2. When will Obama be called upon to talk about what he knew, and when he knew it?

    The country had a blackmail possibility at the level of the head of the CIA. And don't say that's ridiculous. Petraeus has already been untruthful with his wife and his country. Unfortunately, he might have "sold out" to some foreign power to protect his own skin.

    Petraeus (now "Betray-Us"?) has already been instrumental in concealing these events for political purposes (until after the election).
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    If the country isn't troubled by the President allowing an ambassador and his security staff to be murdered and then obscuring the attack by claiming it was a protest over a video then they won't likely care who knew what or when they knew regarding a philandering army general.
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    I tend to agree. The average parasite/welfare/affirmative action/entitlement class voter doesn't even want to hear anything negative about Obama. Even if it's true. And of course for the most part the "main stream" media accommodates them. The free loaders and their bleeding heart liberal cheerleaders are now firmly in the majority. Truth, facts and reality have been voted off the ship, so to speak.
  5. All this, and the press is cowering, not demanding answers from Obama.

    The mainstream press in this country has also been corrupted. They get threatened with not having access in the White House.

    As long as we prey on each other in this country, with the purpose of withholding the truth, things will suck.

    Let's change this.