Homebuilders graph

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  1. Check this one out. Anybody getting in on any of this?
  2. Housing Start data comes out tomorrow before the opening.
  3. Don't jinx me waggie! LOL.
  4. Arnie


    Nice lookin chart. Isn't there an etf on builders?

  5. Perfect breakout to fade.
  6. Seriously, do you have any money left???

    IWM: +1.74 118.43 last.
  7. What is the best source for sectors and it's components? :cool:


  8. Homebuilders have grown their earings 33% compounded over the past 5 years. Group currently trading at 8.5 times P/E. Has traded as high as 12 times P/E, historically.

    CTX, LEN, HOV, PHM, RYL, and TOL.
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