Homebuilders breaking out.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by SiSePuede!, May 24, 2007.

  1. Chance for free money...they'll go wild now. :D
  2. Wow was I wrong. Luckily I didn't commit much to trying to catch a momentum move.

    I was burnt quite a bit by the housing stocks recently and this is not how they've been acting recently...something has changed and the market is on much less 'roids than before it seems to me.

    Maybe it will consolidate...but I wouldn't be surprised to see the correction coming soon and the spooz not holding. A lot of traders might get chewed up here...I'm going to go with some long term holdings and VIX Calls. :D
  3. Always post ridiculous trades AFTER they have worked.

    Like the rest of them
  4. That trade didn't work at all..>I lost money. :D
  5. exactly. Wait till something works and tell us you had it.

    Much easier to look good that way.
  6. No, I'd rather be honest...I'm not a good trader, I'm not afraid to admit that. I make money investing and this is something I'm trying to get better at...might just not be in my cards to be able to trade short term moves...1-6 month moves seem to work much better for me. :D
  7. good stuff they couldn't break resistance today :)
  8. Day trading is 10X harder than long term investing. Maybe 100x harder.

    Its 90% 'noise', where long term is maybe 5% noise.

    big diff.
  9. I don think it actually is (unless we are talking about pure bull market periods where you can buy anything and make money), it'd be like saying world-class professional horseback riding is harder than formula one driving at the same professional competitive level. It's just a different discipline.

    Whatever your discipline, I think the difficulty level of being successful always depends on the sophistication of your competition. You will find a high degree of that in both daytrading and deep value investing.